The 225th Hunger Games was the 9th Quarter Quell. It resulted in 4 victors, Hex Servirior, Jonah Thompson, Sian Malley, and Lira Roberts.

Lira roberts
Sian malley
Jonah thompsondcjvl


Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen's great-great grandson has become the President of Panem. He restarted the Hunger Games, including District 13 and the Capitol.

Quell TwistEdit

To show how the rebels divided the nation of Panem, the tributes will be divided into two separate arenas, without regards to age, gender, or district. Since the arena number will be doubled, the tribute number will be doubled also. Each district must send two males and two females between the ages of 12 and 18.


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Torianno Falsetto 18 6'1 Axe, Throwing Knives Polinarose
Capitol Male Fabio Batone 17 5'7 Axe, Sword Jsm13athome
Capitol Female Maysilee Cresent 17 5'6 Machete, Bow and Arrow FrostSnake
Capitol Female Aliza Marr 17 5'2 Wire, Bow and Arrow Tiaraaaa
1 Male Copper Overdeen 18 6'0 Sword Attackcobra
1 Male Flash Skylar 18 6'0 Knife, Spear Write46747
1 Female Amber Agate 17 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Spear Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
1 Female Dagger Kaylen 14 5'7 Knife Lemon peel
2 Male Ezrah Sherd 17 6'0 Throwing Knives, Sword AsherMizzou
2 Male Jacob Latinee 12 4'10 Spear, Sword Pierulesnotyou
2 Female Hex Servirior 16 5'6 Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes Dedejacob
2 Female Sami Freemont 16 5'9 Bow and Arrow, Knife HappyHannah1234
3 Male Watt Powers 14 5'3 Blowgun, Snares Attackcobra
3 Male Raden Harvestmoon 17 5'10 Knife Write46747
3 Female Katrin Calix 17 5'6 Wire, Explosives Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx
3 Female Alyss Shepherd 15 5'4 Knife Annamisasa
4 Male Trever Tewie 14 5'3 Trident, Knife Maybell Rocks!!
4 Male Jason Clearwater 14 5'5 Teeth, Axe ErosDistrict1
4 Female Antonia Clay 12 4'11 Sword, Spear Jsm13athome
4 Female Emily Lunamoon 13 5'4 Spear EpicnezzEmily
5 Male Majono Kelsony 16 5'7 Throwing Knives SuperTomato
5 Male Martin Meyers 16 6'0 Spear Wikia Contributor C
5 Female Bloom Winterlake 13 5'3 Throwing Knives District1MarvelRules!
5 Female Jamie Carpenter 17 5'2 Blowgun, Poison Tiaraaaa
6 Male Xavier Woods 17 6'2 Spear Attackcobra
6 Male Drake Johnson 15 5'10 Spear, Sword Aerialchinook
6 Female Yuna Besaid 15 5'3 Spear, Awl Annamisasa
6 Female Kate McAllister 15 5'4 Mace, Blowgun Pierulesnotyou
7 Male Kirk Frelt 15 5'10 Sword AsherMizzou
7 Male Adullius Burshnack 17 6'0 Sword SuperTomato
7 Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 4'1 Snares, Sword Wikia Contributor B
7 Female Liza Kay 16 5'5 Spear, Sword Aerialchinook
8 Male Flicks Marvel 17 6'0 Throwing Knives RZN2
8 Male Jonah Thompson 16 5'11 Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives Deaphalia911
8 Female Arabella Misk 17 5'8 Sword, Knife Mysims*****
8 Female Isabel Davids 12 4'9 Knife SethMorris95
9 Male Dack Lorio 17 5'9 Sword Hungergamelover2121
9 Male Lucas Rayden 17 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Knife Zokab96
9 Female Rowanne Tamela 12 5'0 Throwing Knives, Slingshot Wikia Contributor B
9 Female Jane Skye 15 5'4 Sword ShimmeringFire
10 Male Lance Thrust 15 5'3 Spear, Trident Dedejacob
10 Male Kevin Quince 12 4'11 Trident, Net Robin040197
10 Female Ashley Fretson 13 5'3 Knife Thena.airice14
10 Female Madeleine Levenhire 16 5'10 Bow and Arrow, Dagger Deaphalia911
11 Male Garret Houldy 16 6'3 Sword AsherMizzou
11 Male Hoe Ritchie 16 6'3 Axe VDA999
11 Female Michelle Rhode 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Trident Jsm13athome
11 Female Amara Airess 12 4'8 Knife, Spear District3forever
12 Male Nick Lovizio 12 4'10 Bow and Arrow, Knife Maybell Rocks!!
12 Male Anthony Webb 12 5'1 Sword, Mace Kikieverdeenreed523
12 Female Sian Malley 16 5'5 Throwing Knives Annamisasa
12 Female Laea Rail 14 5'6 Bow and Arrow Write46747
13 Male Norman Bolt 15 5'10 Sword Polinarose
13 Male Battleaxe Mason 15 5'6 Axe, Mace TBWTPT
13 Female Hailey Bolt 15 5'11 Throwing Knives Polinarose
13 Female Lira Roberts 15 5'7 Throwing Axes VDA999



Torianno Falsetto (C), Copper Overdeen (1), Flash Skylar (1), Amber Agate (1), Ezrah Sherd (2), Jacob Latinee (2), Hex Servirior (2), Sami Freemont (2), Jason Clearwater (4), Antonia Clay (4), Jonah Thompson (8), Kevin Quince (10), Amara Airess (11)

District 7 and 9 AllianceEdit

Camellia Cyrellia (7), Rowanne Tamela (9)

District 7, 9, and 13 AllianceEdit

Liza Kay (7), Dack Lorio (9), Norman Bolt (13)

Capitol, District 3, 5, and 13 AllianceEdit

Fabio Batone (C), Maysilee Cresent (C), Alyss Shepherd (3), Majono Kelsony (5), Hailey Bolt (13)

District 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 AllianceEdit

Trever Tewie (4), Emily Lunamoon (4), Martin Meyers (5), Madeleine Levenhire (10), Michelle Rhode (11), Nick Lovizio (12), Laea Rail (12)

District 6 and 8 AllianceEdit

Kate McAllister (6), Isabel Davids (8)

District 7, 10, 11, and 13 AllianceEdit

Kirk Frelt (7), Lance Thrust (10), Garret Houldy (11), Battleaxe Mason (13), Lira Roberts (13)

District 3 AllianceEdit

Watt Powers (3), Raden Harvestmoon (3)

District 6 and 11 AllianceEdit

Drake Johnson (6), Hoe Ritchie (11)

District 5, 6, and 7 AllianceEdit

Bloom Winterlake (5), Yuna Besaid (6), Adullius Burshnack

Capitol and District 5 AllianceEdit

Aliza Marr (C), Jamie Carpenter (5)


Dagger Kaylen (1), Katrin Calix (3), Xavier Woods (6), Arabella Misk (8), Flicks Marvel (8), Lucas Rayden (9), Jane Skye (9), Ashley Fretson (10), Anthony Webb (12), Sian Malley (12)

Tribute GalleryEdit


Capitol - Aliza MarrEdit

"Aliza! Wake up!" Alice's mom calls from the kitchen. I open my eyes and yawn.

"Coming!" I yell back. I roll out of bed and look at the three pictures on my nightstand. They are of the only three people I truly care about; my mother, my father, and my best friend Alice. And all of them are dead. My mother had a heart attack a few years ago, and my father committed suicide afterwards. My father's death hit me hard. It made me feel inadequate, because why would he commit suicide if he had a great daughter like me? The answer? I wasn't a great daughter. I lived with Alice after my parents passed away. Her family took me in like one of their own. Then, just last year in the Games, Alice was reaped and killed in the bloodbath. Alice's death was even worse than my father's. She was just another tribute that no one really cared about because she was weak. She was just a pawn in the President's game. I'm not going to be a pawn, though. After taking a shower, I walk into the kitchen of Alice's family's house. I still live with them because I have nowhere else to go, and they enjoy having me around because I remind them of Alice.

"Today's reaping day," says Alice's brother Bruce. I nod as I drink my milk.

"I think I'm going to volunteer," I announce after I swallow. Alice's mom drops the pots and pans in her hand and runs over to me.

"Aliza, please, don't do this. We just lost Alice last year. We can't lose you!" she cries. I feel terrible, but my mind is already made up.

"I've been training and studying for the Games. I know what I'm doing. I'm going to avenge Alice," I say to her. She looks in my eyes and I can see the pain this woman has gone through. She stands up and puts her hands on her hips.

"Well, if you're going to volunteer, then I guess we have to make you look good for sponsors!" she says with a fake happiness. I grin and she takes me into her bedroom and puts all kinds of makeup on me and does stuff to my hair. "Wait one second," Alice's mom says to me. She leaves the bedroom and walks into Alice's room. Then she comes back with a beautiful dress. "This was the dress for Alice's sweet sixteen party," she says with tear-filled eyes, "She never got to wear it, but I know she would want you to."

"I can't," I begin to say, but then I stop myself. This woman is offering me her dead daughter's dresss. How can I say no? "Thank you, it's beautiful," I say. She smiles and gives it to me.

After getting dressed and dolled up, I drive to the reaping area with Alice's mom, dad, and Bruce. We get out of the car and Bruce and I walk over to the lady with the zapper.

"Finger," she says to me. I hold out my finger and she zaps it, placing the blood on a piece of paper and then using some gadget to determine it's me. "Next."

I walk to the girl's section just as the escort arrives. She is brand new this year, since the President has decided that escorts will change at every quell. This woman has pale green skin and high, upturned cheeks that make it look like she's always smiling.

"Welcome, welcome," she says into the microphone, "to the Capitol reaping for the 225th Annual Hunger Games!" The crowd utters a small cheer and she smiles even more. "Our most recent winner from the 201st Games, Amity Olivander, is here as well." Amity stands up and the crowd cheers. She looks angry or upset; I can't tell the difference. "Now, you all know the quell rules, so I won't bore you with that. Let's get to the reaping, shall we?" asks the woman, who still hasn't said her name. She walks over to the girl's bowl and stuffs her hand inside. She moves it around and pulls out a piece of paper. I glance at Alice's mom, who is staring at me with a slight smile on her face.

"I volunteer!" I yell.

"It looks like we have a volunteer. Come on up, dear," she says. I walk confidently up to the stage. "Now, tell us your name."

"Aliza Marr," I say into the microphone.

"Congratulations, Aliza. Let's see who your fellow tributes will be," the escort says. She puts her hand into the girl's bowl once more and pulls out a name. She unfolds the paper. "Maysilee Cresent!" she yells. A girl with brown and pink hair walks slowly up to the stage, like she's in a daze. She stands next to me without saying a word. "Now for the boys!" the escort announces. She moves over to the boy's bowl and puts her hand inside. She moves it around and picks a name. "Bruce Miller!" she shouts. Oh no, that's Alice's brother. I can't kill him in the arena.

"I volunteer!" shouts a male voice from the crowd. Phew. A boy with green and blue hair and pink skin struts up to the stage. "My name's Torianno Falsetto," he says into the mic. Then he comes over to Maysilee and me and high-fives us.

The escort puts her hand in the boy's bowl again and before she can read the name, another boy shouts, "I volunteer!"

"Wow, three volunteers this year," says the escort as the volunteer is walking up. "Tell us your name."

"Fabio Batone," the boy says into the mic.

"The four Capitol tributes for this year are Aliza Marr, Maysilee Cresent, Torianno Falsetto, and Fabio Batone. Let's give them one more round of applause," she says as we walk to the limousine that will take us to the training center. The noise of the crowd disappears once Amity closes the limousine door.

"Hi, I'm Amity. I'll be helping you guys out throughout training," she says.

"And I'm Delilah," says the escort, "I'll be around to help too!" I stare out the window as Delilah goes on and on about training, thinking about what I just got myself into.

District 1 - Dagger KaylenEdit

"We're closing early today for reapings!" my mother yells to my father and me.

"Ok, dear," my father replies, "Let's get this thing closed up, Dagger." My family has been running this meat stand for years. Kaylen Meat has become very popular throughout District 1. It's because our meat is clean, cheap, and tastes amazing. My dad begins taking the meat from the stand and putting it into our portable freezer to take into our house. I begin to count the money and break down the stand, putting the legs of the tables in a certain area and breaking down the gazebo that keeps the sun from spoiling our meat. As I work, I look down at my strong biceps, which are much larger than a normal girl's. Keeping fit is one of my top priorities, and working with meat all day not only keeps my arms strong, but helps me with my knife skills. My family is not as rich as most of the other District 1 families, but we get by. I do not train as often as the other kids, but the meat stand helps make up for that.

After breaking down the stand and wheeling it to our house, I hop into the shower to start getting ready for reaping day in three hours. After getting out of the shower, I get dressed in my favorite dress that used to belong to my mother. Then I dry and straighten my hair.

"Come on, Dagger. We have to get ready too," says my father as he bangs against the bathroom door.

"I just need to put makeup on!" I reply, taking out my makeup kit.

"You look good without makeup," he says. I laugh, but still put on the makeup anyway. Even if I looked good without makeup, I look better with it. After completing my makeup, I open the door and my father is standing there impatiently. "Finally," he says, pushing past me into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, he comes out fully dressed and clean. Men have it so easy.

"Let's go!" calls my mother from the front door, "We're running late." My mom is the boss, and it's her undesignated job to keep my father and me on time. We walk together to the car and my father gets in the driver's seat.

"So, are you volunteering?" my mother asks me. I don't know if she's serious or not, so I just laugh and look out the window awkwardly. We finally arrive at the reaping area and I walk over to the zapper lady and get my blood taken. Then I go stand among the other girls in District 1.

"You look great, Dagger!" one of the girls from my school says to me.

"Thanks, you too!" I respond. She smiles, and then our little chat is interrupted by the sound of the escort's voice.

"Hello, District 1 and welcome to the reaping for the 225th Annual Hunger Games!" she announces confidently. The crowd erupts into a sea of cheers and the new escort has trouble calming them down. Her ruby red lips turn into a frown and her violet eyes are narrowing. She is wearing a turquoise, tight-fitting dress that shows off her hourglass figure.

"Ahem!" she says into the mic repeatedly until the audience quiets, "My name is Rosetta Kitt and I will be your escort from now until the next quell, hopefully. I am very excited to have District 1, and I know we have the potential for a winner this year, just like Summer Ashton from the 200th Hunger Games!" she says. Summer then comes out from behind the curtain and the crowd goes crazy. She smiles slightly and waves at the crowd before they finally settle down again. "Let's reap some tributes, shall we?" asks Rosetta. She walks over to the girl's bowl and pulls out a name.

"I volunteer!" screams out a loud female voice.

"Come on up, dear," Rosetta says, "What's your name?"

"Amber Agate," the girl says into the microphone. She has blonde hair and is pretty attractive.

"Well, congratulations Amber. I wish you luck in the Games. Now for the next female tribute!" says Rosetta excitedly. She puts her hand in the bowl and pulls out a name. I'm surprised no one has volunteered yet. "Dagger Kaylen!" she yells. I walk slowly up to the stage, staring at the group of girls on either side of me, hoping for a volunteer. None come forward. I stand next to Amber as Rosetta puts her hand in the boy's bowl. I know I have the skills to do well in the Games, but I just wish I could go back to my normal life tomorrow, working at the meat stand with my parents and going out with my friends. Now I may never have that chance again. Rosetta then pulls out a slip from the bowl.

A sing-song of "I volunteer!"'s comes out from the crowd.

"Wow, the boys are so eager this year!" she remarks, "Let's go with you and you." The two boys Rosetta pointed at walk up to the stage together, patting each other on the back. "Please tell us your names, boys," commands Rosetta.

"I'm Copper Overdeen," says the meaner looking one.

"And I'm Flash Skylar," says the other one.

"Give one more round of applause for your four tributes, Amber Agate, Dagger Kaylen, Copper Overdeen, and Flash Skylar!" Rosetta urges into the microphone.

The crowd cheers and begins chanting, "Dis-trict 1 Dis-trict 1" as we walk towards the train. We get on and the door closes behind us. I wish they still gave us time to say goodbye to our loved ones before we leave, but that rule was abolished when the Games were revived. Amber is already flirting with Flash and Copper seems to be scoping us out, trying to tell if we are good enough for him. I sit next to Summer and think about all the questions I have to ask her.

District 2 - Jacob LatineeEdit

"Wake up you ungrateful brat!" screams my mother. She is so sweet to me. My mother has always hated me. Why? I have no idea, but it got worse since my father's death. My father was an alcoholic, always drunk and rambling, usually taking out his anger on my mother, my sister, and mostly me. Then, my mother would get angry because my father was always drunk and take it out on my sister and me. It was a neverending cycle that made me want to rip my hair out. Then, one day, my father died in a drunk driving accident. I know this sounds bad, but I was kind of happy when he died. I thought it would solve our family's problems. No more late night beatings by my father, no more drunken ramblings, and no more of the things that made my mother mad. But no, my mother is still a witch. She rarely, if ever feeds my sister Shelby and me, and she treats us like dirt. I actually envy the way she treats dirt. Shelby and I are constantly slipping out of the house and stealing whatever food we can find.

"Coming!" I holler back. I quickly get dressed and comb my hair. Shelby walks into my room.

"Jacob, today's reaping day. I'm scared," she says.

"Don't be, Shelby. You know there are always volunteers. You won't get reaped," I assure her. Shelby hates fighting and refuses to train for the Games like the rest of District 2. For me, training is an escape. There is nothing better than walking into the academy and completely owning the other kids with all kinds of weapons. Plus, any time spent away from the hellhole called my house is a bonus. "Speaking of the reaping, Shelby, I think I'm going to volunteer today," I tell her. Last night, I didn't sleep. All I did was think about whether or not I should volunteer. At first, I thought I would feel guilty leaving my sister alone with my mom, but my mom doesn't treat Shelby as poorly as she treats me. And if I win, I can take Shelby to the Victor's Village with me and give her the life she deserves. I just can't take living with my mother anymore.

"Jacob, you can't go!" she cries, burying her head into my shoulder.

"Shelby, look at me," I say, putting my hands on her shoulders, "I'm going to win this thing so we can have a better life. I'm doing this for us, not just me. If I die, then you are going to run away. Got it?" She nods.

"What did you just say?" hisses my mother's scratchy, hoarse voice.

"Nothing," I reply.

"Did I hear something about running away?" she persists.

"No," I say quickly

"I thought so," she says sternly. She slaps me across the face and shouts, "I'll be in the car. No breakfast for you two this morning. We're going to the reaping. Now." I instinctively reach out and touch my stinging face.

"Are you okay?" asks Shelby. I nod and walk with her to my mother's car. We get in and close the door. My mother lectures us the whole time about how we are so ungrateful and how lucky we are to live in District 2. Finally, we reach the reaping area. Shelby and I literally run out of the car over to the zapper lady. I'd rather get my blood zapped out of me than listen to my mother's rants. After getting our blood taken, I hug Shelby for what may be the last time.

"I love you, Shelby," I say to her.

"I love you too," she says, releasing from my grip. We go into our respective sections just as the escort walks onstage. She is wearing a ruby red dress with ruffles all around it, and her skin is lavender. She has dark blue eyes and a sinister smile.

"Welcome to the reaping for the 225th Annual Hunger Games, District 2! My name is Iris Stone and I am your new escort. As you know, the quell rule states that two males and two females must be reaped, and then the tributes will be randomly distributed into two different arenas. Let's find out who our tributes are!" Iris says excitedly. The crowd begins to cheer and she walks over to the girl's bowl. She picks out a name and unfolds the paper.

"I volunteer!" screams a whole bunch of female voices.

"Ummm, you two!" Iris says, pointing to two girls. The volunteers walk up to the stage, looking at each other icily. One of them is a brunette, and the other is a blonde. They are pretty attractive. "Tell us your names."

"Hex Servirior," says the brunette.

"Sami Freemont," says the blonde.

"Congratulations, girls!" says Iris, "Let's see who your male counterparts will be!" Iris walks over to the boy's bowl and my heart begins to race. I know there will be more than two volunteers. I just keep praying that Iris picks me. As she unfolds the piece of paper, I, along with about fifty others, shout, "I volunteer!" Iris surveys the crowd and points to some boy in the back, and then she makes eye contact with me. I grin and she smiles back, pointing at me. I walk confidently up to the stage with my fellow male tribute and stand next to Iris. She hols the microphone to my mouth.

"I'm Jacob Latinee," I say.

"And my name is Ezrah Sherd," says the other guy.

"Congratulations, tributes. Now we have a schedule to follow, so let's go on that train to the Capitol!" Iris whispers to us. As we walk towards the train, the crowd is cheering us on, giving us all the support we need to win the Games. I can't wait to get my chance.

District 3 - Raden HarvestmoonEdit

"Reaping day," my mother calls. I cringe and punch my pillow. Hard. Reaping day is the equivalent of doomsday for our family. In the past five years, the five oldest kids in our family were reaped and killed in the Games. First was Jessantha, then Crane, then Kole, then Charlie, and last year was Newle. Newle was the closest to me, and when she died, I knew I was volunteering this year to avenge her. I get dressed in my nicest clothes and walk out into the kitchen, where my mother is placing breakfast on the table for my four remaining siblings and me. "Raden, please tell me you aren't volunteering today," my mother says.

"Sorry, mom. I am," I respond, not even looking up at her. I hear my mother start sniffling, which then turns into sobbing. This makes me more angry. "Mom, get a hold of yourself!" I shout louder than I mean to. She looks at me helplessly and wipes her eyes.

"I'm sorry Raden. I've lost five kids to these Games and I don't want to lose a sixth. I can't lose a sixth. Jessantha helped run the family when your father broke down, and she died. Then four more died. You are the only one besides me who can work. And God only knows where your father is. I need you, Raden. Please," she begs. I look at my four little siblings sitting around the table, watching my mother and me quarrel. Two of them are of reaping age, and the other two are close to it. This decision is killing me right now.

If I go into the Games, I think I'll be able to win. I have the smarts and skills to be a victor. I've been training since Newle died. Then I will not only avenge my siblings' deaths, but I will provide a better life for my family.

On the other hand, if I don't volunteer, I will be sure to stay alive until the next reaping day, I can work, and I can help my mother take care of the family.

"I'm sorry mom," I say, making my final decision, "I'm going to volunteer." She begins weeping again and comes over to me, wrapping her warm arms around my shoulders and planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Please win," she whispers in my ear. I nod. "I love you," she says, before releasing her grip on me. I kiss each of my siblings on the head and walk out the door.

"Aren't you walking with us?" calls my little sister Reyna.

"I need some time to think, so I'm going to go alone," I shout as I walk out the door. Along the path to the reaping area, I look around to see all the factories and buildings in District 3. It is an ugly place, but it's home.

I finally arrive to the reaping area, and I'm a little bit early. I go to the zapper lady and hold out my finger, and she directs me to the boy's section. I stand there and look at the District 3 hall until more people arrive. I turn to the girls' section and see my two sisters who can be reaped waving at me. I pray they aren't picked. Then I look over at my mom with my two little brothers. She is staring straight ahead, like she's in a trance.

"Welcome, everyone!" shouts a shrill voice from the stage. I look up to see a disgusting Capitol woman smiling at the crowd. She has at least ten-inch heels on and can barely stand up. She has to grip the podium to keep from falling. She has flower tattoos all over her body, and her face looks like it's being pulled back from behind. She is hideous, but she seems pleased with herself. "My name is Luanne Retro!" she says, "and I'm your new escort. This year's quell is very exciting and I hope to see some of you volunteering." She then talks about the quell rules and all the other quells and the whole speech and escort usually gives. Finally, she staggers over to the girl's bowl and puts her hand inside. She pulls it out and unfolds the piece of paper in her hand. "Katrin Calix!" she announces. A creepy looking girl walks up to the stage smiling, like she wanted to be reaped. She stands next to Luanne with a crazed look in her eyes. Luanne dips her hand in the bowl once more and pulls out yet another name. "Alyss Shepherd!" she screams into the mic. A pretty redhead walks up to the stage and stands next to Katrin. "Now for the boys!" says Luanne excitedly, rubbing her hands together like she is about to carry out some evil plot. She stumbles over to the boy's bowl and trips, falling into the bowl and sending it crashing to the ground. The bowl shatters and the little slips of paper are blown all over by the wind. The crowd begins to laugh and Peacekeepers rush to the stage to help Luanne up. She stands up and smooths her dress like nothing happened. Her stretched cheeks turn red as she chooses a boy's name from the ground.

"I volunteer!" I scream. The crowd silences and Luanne smiles.

"Come on up, sweetie!" she says excitedly. I walk up to the stage, not making eye contact with anyone, and stand next to Luanne. "What's your name?" she asks.

"Raden Harvestmoon," I say into the microphone.

"Congratulations, Raden. Let's see who your fellow male tribute will be," she says. She kneels down and picks up another piece of paper off the ground. "Watt Powers!" Luanne announces. A fat ginger walks up to the stage. Oh God. "Let's have a round of applause for the District 3 tributes in the 225th Annual Hunger Games!" Luanne yells to the crowd. They are silent as Luanne ushers us to the train. I sit down next to Alyss and she begins talking to me. Watt is loading up on all the Capitol food there is on the train, and Katrin is studying the reapings from the other Districts. What a group.

District 4 - Jason ClearwaterEdit

"Jason, honey. It's reaping day!" my mother whispers into my ear, rubbing my shoulder. A smile forms across my face as my eyes flutter open. My mother is standing over me, smiling. "It's your last day in this house for a while, so what do you want for breakfast?" she asks.

"A cheese omelette," I reply.

"You got it," she says, walking out of the room, "Make sure you get dressed and brush your teeth."

"Ok, mom," I mutter. Like I was going to forget to get dressed and brush my teeth. I put on my nicest clothes and walk out of my room, down the hallway, and into our kitchen. My father and two little sisters are already eating some cereal. I sit down in my usual seat and my mom sets down my omelette in front of me.

"Hey, why does Jason get an omelette?" my little five year old sister Sienna complains, crossing her arms.

"Because he's volunteering for the Hunger Games today," explains my father.

"I am too," Sienna says, "Now where's my omelette?" My dad chuckles and I laugh too.

"You're too young to volunteer," I tell Sienna. She scowls at me and sulks off into her room and slams the door. What a diva.

After eating my omelette I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was born with razor-sharp teeth that I can bite nearly anything with. Once when I was eight, I put a whole through my tounge. At the academy, the other kids call me Enobaria. I'm fine with that nickname, since she survived two Hunger Games and the Victor's Purge.

"Jason, it's time to go!" my mom calls.

"Coming," I reply.

"Sienna, get out of your room," I hear my mother yell from down the hall. I laugh to myself as I walk to the car. Sienna is going to be a piece of work.

As we drive to the reaping area, which has been moved to a beach renamed "Reaping Beach" (clever, huh), my parents give me advice on what to do in the Games. Both of them are previous victors, and they actually met when my dad mentored my mom, much like Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The only reason I am volunteering is to prove I have what it takes to win the Games, just like my parents. Plus, I'm 14, which is the age that Finnick Odair won his Games. We finally arrive at Reaping Beach and I get my blood taken by the zapper. Then, I stand in the boy's section as the escort comes onstage to a loud applause from the audience.

"Thank you for that warm welcome!" she exclaims, "My name is Mona Bridges, and I will be District 4's escort from now until the 250th Hunger Games." Mona then goes onto talk about the quell rules and the whole Treaty of Treason spiel. She is actually very pretty, and does not have much Capitolesque qualities, aside from her hair, which is lime green and standing up straight. "Now let's get to the girl's reaping!" she says loudly. The crowd cheers once more.

She chooses a name from the bowl and then a bunch of girls shout "I volunteer!"

"Oooh, who am I going to pick?" she asks herself. She points to two girls, two young girls, and they walk up to the stage.

"Name and age," Mona says to them.

"Antonia Clay, 12," says one of them.

"Emily Lunamoon, 13," says the other. The crowd cheers for our two young tributes and Mona walks over to the boy's bowl.

After she picks a name, I, along with about fifty others, shout, "I volunteer!" Mona points to me and some other kid, who I recognize from my math class in school, and we walk up to the stage.

"Name and age," she says once again.

"Jason Clearwater, 14," I say.

"Trever Tewie, 14," he says. Wow, these are some young tributes from a Career district.

"Congratulations, tributes!" Mona says into the microphone, barely audible above the screaming crowd. She tells us to go into the train, and we sit down together. Immediately, I can tell that the four of us will be pretty close.

District 5 - Bloom WinterlakeEdit

I wake up and look at the clock on my bedside table. It reads 6:00 AM. Why do I always get up so early? I walk quietly into the kitchen, careful not to wake my younger siblings and my father. I put the coffee pot on and start brewing it for my father when he wakes up. As I'm waiting for the coffee, I stare at a picture of my mother hanging over the refrigerator. She was a beautiful woman. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes just like me. I miss her so much. My mother died in a power plant accident a couple of years ago when the battery that powered the electricity to the plant exploded. Her death took a huge toll on our family. We weren't and still aren't the same.

"Morning, Bloom!" my father says cheerily, rubbing his eyes. He's wearing a onesie and he looks pretty funny. I giggle and he looks at me, narrowing his eyes and smiling. "What's so funny?" he asks, knowing I'm laughing at his pajamas.

"Nothing," I say, "I made some coffee for you."

"Thanks, dear," he replies, "You know who made the best coffee?"

"Mom," I say quietly.

"Yep," my dad says, sighing. He looks at the picture of her and back down again at me. "You remind me so much of her sometimes."

"Yeah, I know," I mutter. He says that literally all the time.

"Well, you should probably get ready and take a shower before the little terrors wake up," my dad chuckles.

"Ok," I reply, walking into the bathroom. The terrors my father was talking about were my nine year old twin siblings, Frost and Maple. They really aren't terrors. They are great kids and I love them very much. After I dry my hair and put on my reaping clothes, I exit the bathroom and I see Frost and Maple eating bacon at the kitchen table.

"Since when do you make bacon, dad?" I ask him.

"When I have to give you bad news," he says softly. Oh God.

"What's the bad news?" asks Frost.

"You know how I can usually talk to the head of the District 5 reaping, Mr. Pingle, and get your name out of the reaping bowl?" he says, "Well he died last night, and I don't know the new head, so your name is in there, Bloom."

"It's alright, dad. The odds of me getting picked are still slim to none," I reply quickly. Truthfully, I'm nervous as hell.

"I'm glad you're not nervous," my father says. After eating some of my father's bacon, our family walks together to the reaping area. We pass the power plant where my mother died and I cringe. We finally arrive and I separate from Frost, Maple, and my father to go to the zapper lady. There is a kid in front of me.

"Name?" says the lady.

"Clint Garza," says the boy. She zaps his finger and uses the device to make sure it's him. "Next." She does the same routine with me and I stand in the girl's section, waiting for the escort to appear. After what felt like an eternity, she finally comes onstage. She has icy blue hair and all of her makeup is icy blue as well.

"Hello. My name is Icina Avery and I'm your escort. Let's get this over with," she says drearily. She is nothing like the typical, excited Capitol citizen who loves the Hunger Games. She puts her hand in the girl's bowl and pulls out a piece of paper. She reads the name aloud, "Jamie Carpenter." A girl with pinkish and blonde hair walks up to the stage. She isn't showing any emotions. Icina puts her hand in the girl's bowl once more and pulls out another piece of paper. "Bloom Winterlake." Oh no, that's me! My stomach feels like it is going to burst as I walk hesitantly up to the stage and stand next to Jamie. There is no warm feeling coming from the escort, and I feel really uncomfortable, combined with the fact I will be partaking in a death match. Icina then walks over to the boy's bowl and chooses a name. "Martin Meyers," she says into the microphone. An awkward looking boy with red hair walks quickly up to the stage. When he passes Jamie and me, he doesn't look us in the eye. "The last tribute is," Icina says, unfolding the paper, "Majono Kelsony." Icina is already pushing us towards the train before Majono reaches the stage. I lock eyes with my father one more time before the train door closes.

He mouths one word to me that makes me determined to give it my all, "Win."

District 6 - Drake JohnsonEdit

"Drake, wake up. We have to practice early today. It's your last day of training with me before the Games," I hear my grandfather say. I groan and open my eyes.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"4:00 AM," he replies.

"Are you kidding me?" I say, pulling the covers back over me. My grandfather rips the covers off and slaps my butt. "OW!" I scream.

"Let's go!" he says sternly, leaving my bedroom. I put on my usual training outfit and walk with my grandfather through the Chinatown part of District 6 to my kung fu training facility.

"Ni hao," says my trainer, Se Han.

"Ni hao," I reply.

"Today we are going to work on kicks," he explains. Se Han then starts kicking the air and waving his arms around. I know I can do what he's doing. "Now you try." I begin to imitate what Se Han did, but then I fall flat on my face. "You need more practice and balance. I will leave you alone for an hour and come back then. You should have those kicks down by then," he says, leaving the training area. I grumble and begin practicing the kicks. After what seems like an eternity, Se Han returns. "Show me," he says serenely. I do the various kicks and hand motions and a smile spreads across his face. "You are ready," he tells me. I grin and shake his hand.

"Thank you, Se Han," I say to him.

"Your welcome, master. Now win the Games and kill the President!" he says confidently.

I nod and when he's out of earshot, I mutter to myself, "Yeah right," and roll my eyes. I walk back to our house to get ready for the reaping. My grandfather is part of some elite group that is plotting to kill the President, and they've come up with a way. Each year they send two tributes that are highly trained to win the Hunger Games. If they win, they're job is to kill the President during the crowning. It would mean imminent death for them, but that is the sacrifice. So whether I win the Games or not, I will still die.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, I walk downstairs to my grandfather, who is sitting in a chair and staring out the window.

"Are you ready?" he asks to me.

"Yes," I reply with more confidence than I really have.

"Good," he says, looking at me, "I'm proud of you." I smile and he stands up. "Now let's get to the reaping, shall we?" he asks. I nod and we walk out the door and head towards the reaping area in District 6.

As we are walking, I ask my grandfather, "Who is the other tribute that is plotting to kill the President?"

"Oh, they don't tell me. I know it's a girl, but she could be from any district, even the Capitol. Don't worry about that though, just focus on yourself," he tells me. I nod silently, but I want to ask him so many more questions. Who's the leader of this organization? What is it even called? Is the other tribute trained in kung fu too? How do they pick who are the two chosen tributes? Will they come after me if I win and don't kill the President? But I don't ask him any of these questions because I know they will only upset him.

We finally get to the reaping area and I shake my grandpa's hand for the last time. Then I head over to the zapper lady and wince when she zaps my finger. She directs me to the boy's section, where I chat with the other guys until the escort comes onstage.

"Excuse me," she says, trying to get the crowd's attention. Once they quiet down, she begins talking again. "Hello, District 6. My name is Anita DeRemo, and I am your new escort. Before we begin, I would like to bring up Sasha Selenta, District 6's most recent victor!" Anita says. The cheer for Sasha is pretty poor. She won twenty-seven years ago, and people are starting to think she has put a curse or something on District 6, because we have performed poorly in the Games since she won.

"Now, you all know the Quell rules, so I won't repeat them," Anita says into the microphone, "so let's get some tributes reaped!" Anita walks over to the girl's bowl. She has really bright blonde hair and tan skin. She is wearing a white outfit that has random holes in it, showing some of her skin at various parts of her body. She has huge breasts, which are obviously fake, and she flaunts them off every chance she gets. "The first female is," Anita announces, unfolding the paper, "Yuna Besaid!" A girl with different colored eyes walks up to the stage, smiling. She seems really nice. Maybe a little too nice. Anita sticks her hand in the girl's bowl once more and pulls out a name. "Kate McAllister!" she reads aloud. A pretty blonde girl walks up to the stage, smiling a little bit, and stands next to Yuna. "Now for the boys!" shouts Anita, walking over to the boy's bowl and sticking out her chest. She puts her hand in the bowl and moves it around.

Before she can read the name, I shout out, "I volunteer!" The crowd gasps and looks at me. Sasha smiles. I walk up to the stage where Anita is giddy with glee.

"We have a volunteer! So exciting! What's your name, honey?" she asks me.

"Drake Johnson," I reply.

"Congratulations, Drake," she says to me, "Who will be joining you?" She puts her hand in the bowl and pulls out a name. "It's Xavier Woods!" she shouts. A boy walks up to the stage, not showing much emotion, and stands next to Yuna. After saying her little closing speech, Anita tells us to get onto the train. Sasha follows and we all sit down in the dining car. I am already getting weird vibes off Xavier, Yuna is annoyingly nice, and Kate seems like she can turn on and off a switch in her brain that says, "Nice, Mean." I'm a little creeped out by these guys, and I can't wait to meet the other tributes in training.

District 7 - Liza KayEdit

I wake up on the cold, hard floor of my jail cell like I do every morning. It's not even my fault that I'm in here. My parents were part of some group that was planning on assassinating the President and abolishing the Hunger Games. I wasn't a part of that group. They were. I remember the day we were taken away from out District 7 home like it was yesterday. I walked in the front door to see my parents being handcuffed by Peacekeepers. And then one of the Peacekeepers handcuffed me. Once my parents and I were put in the same jail cell, they explained to me about the group and how they were caught at a meeting. A few days later, the Peacekeepers executed them and I've been here ever since. Two years have gone by since they died.

Suddenly, the lock on my cell door jiggles. I look up to see ten Peacekeepers entering my jail cell. I cower in fear and back up to the corner. They're going to kill me. Three Peacekeepers come over and hold down my arms and legs while two others place some sort of mask on my face. I am going to be gassed to death. Great. The last thing I see before I black out is a Peacekeeper wink at me.

I wake up, disoriented and confused. I look around and realize I am in the back of a car. I look out the window and see forests and trees galore. District 7! I haven't seen this place for two years and it feels amazing to be back, even if it's just a car ride. I hear muffled voices from the front of the car and I press my ear to the wall that separates us.

"Why aren't they just killing her?" asked one Peacekeeper. He had a really deep voice.

"Well they are sending her to the Hunger Games. That's pretty much a death sentence," says another. He sounds nice, well as nice as a Peacekeeper can be.

"Yeah, but why not just shoot her, hang her, electrocute her, inejct her with poison or something like that? It doesn't make sense because there is always that possibility she will survive. And then they can't kill her because she'll be famous," the deep-voiced one explains.

"I don't know. I'm not the government. Maybe they think the Hunger Games will be crueler than any execution," says the nice one. Oh God. I'm being entered into the Hunger Games.

"I just think there is something fishy going on," says the deep voiced one again. Suddenly, the car stops. "Put that knife down, dude. Now!" the deep-voiced one shouts. Then I hear a grunt and the sound of a knife entering a chest. A door swings open and I hear a thud. The "nice" one is dumping the body and I'm probably next. I hear the doors of the car creak open and I see the Peacekeeper who winked at me before I went under.

"Hello, sunshine!" he says to me. I stare at him. "Cat got your tongue?" he asks.

"You killed that man," I say solemnly.

"I did it to protect you," he replies. What? He must be able to tell I'm confused from the look on my face. "Don't you know who you are?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm Liza Kay. My parents were killed for plotting to kill the President and I've been in jail ever since," I say.

"You are going to carry out what your parents couldn't," he explains, "Your name is going to be drawn at the reaping and you will enter the Hunger Games. If you win, you will kill the President during the crowning ceremony."

"No, I'm not doing it," I refuse.

"Fine, it's either that or we drive back to the jail and get you shot up by some Capitol goons," he says angrily.

I sigh and say, "Let's go to the reaping." We get back in the car and he drives me to the District 7 reaping. The Peacekeeper tells me his name is Jordon and he is an undercover spy for the group that is trying to kill the President. He's been one for seven years.

We finally reach the reaping area and I stand in the girls' section after being zapped for blood. The escort, a male, walks onstage quickly, eyeing his watch.

"Excuse me," he says, "Let's get this over with quickly. My name is Mason and I am your escort, yadda yadda yadda, I'm on a tight schedule so here we go." He walks over to the girl's bowl and I prepare to hear my name called. Sure enough, he announces, "Liza Kay" to the crowd. The few people who remember me gasp as I walk onstage, knowing I was sent to jail. "Casablanca Cyrellia!" Mason calls out before I even make it to the stage.

"I volunteer!" a girl shouts. She walks quickly up to the stage. Why couldn't she volunteer for me?

"What's your name?" he asks.

"Camellia Cyrellia," she replies. That's why she didn't volunteer for me. Casablanca is her sister. Mason walked over to the boy's bowl, not even announcing Camellia's name to the crowd.

"Kirk Frelt!" he calls out. A boy with black hair and purple eyes walks slowly to the stage, looking sad and gloomy. "Chop chop!" Mason says. He's so annoying. "And the last boy is Adullius Burshnack. Thank you everyone!" Mason says quickly. He motions us towards the train and we literally have to run to catch up with him. We all sit down together and I can already tell Adullius is a little awkward. Oh well, they will all be dead soon anyway.

District 8 - Isabel DavidsEdit

I've already been awake for five hours when most of the other kids in District 8 are waking up. I see lights flicker in some nearby houses and I took off towards my house. I go out hunting in the woods every morning, and I bring my game home to my mother every day. It's the only way we survive. That and tesserae.

"Mom, I'm back," I call out, my soft voice echoing throughout the house.

"I don't care," she hollers back from her room. I sit down in the kitchen and put my rabbit on the stove to boil. I walk into my mother's bedroom and she is chugging down a bottle of vodka.

"Mom, you're going to die from alcohol poisoning if you keep drinking like that," I tell her.

"Shut up and get dressed or I'll do to you what I did to your father," she snaps at me. I shudder and feel my body start to tense up. My father was the nicest, kindest, most sefless man I've ever met. He was rarely home because he worked four jobs to keep my mother and me from starving. I don't know why he married my mother. I guess he just wanted to change her and fix her into a better woman. Anyway, whenever my father was home, he spent all of his time with me. We played with my toys, explored outside, and just sat and talked. My mother was jealous of me, and she got into arguments with my father about it often. One night, she got so mad that she stabbed him in the chest with a knife, killing him. She threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone, and I know she will in a heartbeat. Ever since the day my mother killed my father, my mother hasn't worked and has turned to drinking as an escape.

"Why do I have to get dressed so early?" I ask her.

"Because it's reaping day, you fool. And I hope you get picked so I don't have to take care of you anymore," she snickers. I hate my mother, but I would feel bad if I abandoned her. She is still my mother after all, even if I wish she isn't. I close the door in my room and sit down on my bed, undressing as I think about volunteering for the Games. If I volunteer, I'll probably die, but I'll at least get away from my mother and be with my father in heaven. The more I think about it, though, the more I realize that I can't volunteer. I have a long, happy life ahead of me, and I'm not going to cut it short because of my mother's drinking problem. I'll be out of the house at eighteen and my new life will be great. I come out of my room, completely dressed up.

"Are you coming to the reaping, mom?" I ask her. She stares daggers at me.

"What do you think?" she snarls at me.

"I'll take that as a no," I say to her, walking out the door.

"I hope you don't come back," she yells after me. I walk alone to the reaping area, staring at the scenery as I pass. Most of it is just factories, but there are a couple patches of forest here and there. I finally arrive at the reaping area and get my finger zapped for the first time. This is my first reaping, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous. My name is in there ten times, which isn't that much compared to others, but it's still a good amount. I stand awkwardly amongst the girls, not talking to any of them, when our escort comes from behind the curtain to the stage of the District 8 reaping area.

"Welcome, District 8! My name is Darla Conoda, and I am your new escort for District 8! Let me just say that I am excited to have such a wonderful District, and I hope we have another victor this year!" says the escort. She's wearing cherry red lipstick and has purple hair wrapped tightly in a bun. Her teeth are razor sharp and her pants are really short. "I would like the two most recent victors, Whitney Finch and Theodore Welch, to come to the stage," Darla says excitedly. The crowd cheers as District 8's pride and joy appears onstage. Whitney started District 8 on a hotstreak in the Games, winning the 199th. Then Theo took home the 200th and a District 8 girl was the runner-up in those Games. In the past 25 years, we've come pretty close to winning and many of our tributes end up in the Careers. I wonder how it will be this year.

"Let's get to the reapings!" shouts Darla. She waddles over to the girl's bowl and puts her hand inside. She removes a piece of paper and unfolds it. "Arabella Misk!" she shouts into the microphone. A cold looking girl walks swiftly up to the stage. I do not want to mess with her. Darla puts her hand in again and pulls out another name. "Isabel Davids!" she says in her annoying Capitol accent. Wait. That's me. I walk slowly up to the stage, still in shock over what's happening. I guess my mother will get her wish. I'm not going home. Darla makes her way over to the boy's bowl and pulls out a name. "Flicks Marvel!" she reads aloud. A boy walks up to the stage and he seems very mysterious. "And the last tribute is," Darla says, taking her hand out of the bowl, "Jonah Thompson!" A boy with black hair jogs to the stage, looking pretty confident. Darla leads, Whitney, Theo, Flicks, Arabella, Jonah, and me to the train where we all sit around the dining table.

"I feel good about these guys," I hear Theo whisper to Whitney. She nods and smiles at us. Hm. Maybe I have a chance of winning after all.

District 9 - Lucas RaydenEdit

I look down on District 9 from the top of the giant hill near my house. It's my favorite place in the world. I can sit up here for hours at a time, just watching everyone. I then hear the reaping bell. Crap, I completely forgot about that. I run down the hill towards my house, not even breaking a sweat. I always try and find time to work out. Keeping in shape is what I do in my spare time. That and people-watch. I make it back to my house and burst through the front door.

"Get ready," my father grunts from his recliner chair, reading the paper.

"I know, I know," I mumble, walking towards my room. My dad's relationship with me isn't the strongest. My mother died shortly after my birth, and my dad still blames me for her death. It doesn't really affect me though. I know deep down it's not my fault, and my father just needs someone to blame. I put on a tight shirt to show off my toned body for the ladies. After getting fully dressed, I walk into the kitchen and pour some cereal into a bowl for breakfast. "Dad, what would you do if I got reaped?" I ask him.

"Nothing," he says, not even looking up. Well that's reassuring. I put my bowl in the sink and brush my teeth.

"Dad, I'm leaving for the reaping now," I tell him.

"Whatever," he mutters. I'm pissed off at him now. What the hell did I do to deserve this kind of treatment? I storm out of the house and towards the reaping area. On the way, I pass my neighbor's farm. I kick the bales of hay so hard that the hay separates and flies all over the place. "Shit," I say to myself, quickly trying to pick up the hay piles before they notice. My attempts are futile, though, because it's nearly impossible and Mrs. Jackson is speed walking towards me. She reachs me and I can see the stern look on her face. She's mad.

"H-hi Mrs. Jackson," I stammer.

"What the heck happened here?" she asks furiously, "I pay good money for those hay bales and I don't want no teenagers wrecking them!"

"It was the wind," I say calmly.

"Bullshit!" she yells, "I saw you kick it!" Dammit. I have to use my charm on her.

"Mrs. Jackson, the hay in this bale had a bug nest in it," I lie, "I didn't want your cattle to be infected, so I separated the hay. The bugs flew away and I threw the nest over in that ditch." She looks at the ditch I am pointing to, but luckily doesn't move up close to see if I'm lying or not.

"But why are you trying to put the hay back together?" she asks me. Good question.

"I didn't want to waste all of it. I am recollecting the non-infected hay," I muster up. She seems satisified.

"Thank you, boy," she says, "Now run along! The reaping is soon." I nod and take off down the path towards the District 9 center. Phew, that was a close one. I reach the center and get my finger zapped as usual, and stand amongst the other guys in our district. Then, the escort walks up the steps to the podium and takes the microphone.

"Greetings, District 9!" she shouts out, making the microphone do that annoying, high-pitched squeak. "My name is Marisol Margot. I am District 9's new escort," she says excitedly. Marisol has a bright yellow outfit on and a whole bunch of sunflowers in her hair. She has orange lipstick and bright yellow makeup on. She is almost too bright to look at. "Now, the quell rules state that four tributes must be reaped, and once they are reaped, split into two different arenas," Marisol continues, "Exciting, isn't it? Now, let's find out who the lucky tributes will be! She walks over to the girl's bowl and jams her hand inside. She pulls out a name and reads it to the crowd. "Rowanne Tamela!" she says. A girl, who is staring at the ground, walks slowly to the stage. She would be pretty if she actually tried. "The second female tribute is," Marisol says, unfolding the piece of paper, "Jane Skye!" A girl who looks really quiet walks up to the stage. These girls seem boring. Hopefully there is a good guy I can root for. "Now for the boys!" Marisol says, heading over to the boy's bowl. She puts her hand inside and picks out two names by accident. "Oops, well I guess we need two anyway. The two male tributes are Dack Lorio and Lucas Rayden!" she announces. I am shocked inside, but I don't let anyone else think so. I walk coolly up to the stage, winking at a few hot girls as I pass. Dack stands next to me, and he looks scared.

"Let's have a round of applause for your tributes!" Marisol says, trying to pump up the crowd. It doesn't work. "Oh well, I tried," she says to herself, leading us onto the train. The four of us sit down. Jane is staring out the window, Rowanne is staring at the ground, and Dack is staring off into space. These guys are a bunch of lame starers.

District 10 - Madeleine LevenhireEdit

"Reaping day, Maddie!" says my mother from the kitchen. I grumble and roll over in bed. Reaping day has been a terrible day for my family. My would be aunt and uncle - Caitlyn and Clay Levenhire - were reaped and killed in the 198th and 200th Games respectively. I do not want to end up like them.

I finally get out of my bed and walk towards my closet. I pick out the prettiest dress I can find, and put it on. I took a shower last night, so I'm good for this morning. I walk out of my bedroom, down the hall and through the kitchen door.

"You look pretty, Maddie!" my father says cheerfully.

"Thanks," I say, sitting down across from him at the kitchen table. He's drinking tea and thumbing through some farming book.

"Maddie, how do you want your eggs?" my mother asks.

"Uhh, fried, I guess," I tell her. She fries up some eggs from our hens and she sets them in front of me on the table. I eat them quickly. They are sooo good.

"You nervous for reaping day?" my father asks. I shrug.

"Not really," I respond. I'm actually really nervous, as I am every reaping day.

"Good, you shouldn't be," my father says with a smile on his face.

"Speaking of reaping day," my mother calls from her bedroom, "we have to get going!" I put my dirty plate in the sink and brush my teeth. My parents are already out of the house by the time I get out of the bathroom. I close the door and lock it behind me. Then, I catch up with my parents, who are walking down the dirt road along our farm. I stare at the cows and I know I'll miss this place if I'm ever reaped.

We finally arrive at the reaping area and I walk over to the zapper lady.

"Finger," she says. I hold it out reluctantly and pull away when she tries to zap it. "Finger," she repeats. I give her my finger and look away. Then I jolt when she zaps it. "Next!" she screams. I quickly walk away from her and over to the girl's section. I look up nervously at the stage, when our escort appears from behind the curtain. She's wearing a pink dress that has sparkles everywhere. Her face and hair are also full of sparkles. Her eyes are upturned and she has a creepy smile on her face.

"Hello, District 10 and welcome to the reaping for the 225th Hunger Games!" she says, "My name is Lunesta Emery, and I am your new escort." She keeps talking on and on about the quell rules and the dark days. I perk up when she walks over to the girl's bowl. She puts her hand inside and swirls it around, picking a name from the bottom. "Ashley Fretson!" she says excitedly. A girl with brown hair, who looks like a lost puppy, walks slowly up to the stage. "And the second girl is," Lunesta begins, unfolding the paper, "Madeleine Levenhire!" The Levenhire family curse strikes again. I try to act confident, but I'm having a hard time pulling it off as I walk up to the stage. I stand next to Ashley as Lunesta walks over to the boy's bowl. She sticks her hand in and reads the name on the slip of paper. "Kevin Quince!" she yells. A boy with long hair who looks pretty fierce comes onstage, eyeing Ashley and me to see if we were worthy I guess. "And the last District 10 tribute is," Lunesta starts, "Lance Thrust!" A boy with a ridiculous panda hat walks quickly up to the stage. Lunesta pushes us towards the train and we all sit down together. Ashley and I begin to talk, and Lance talks to Lunesta. Kevin is alone, looking out the window. He looks mad and I don't want to get in his way in the arena.

District 11 - Michelle RhodeEdit

Growing up in District 11 without parents has been pretty tough. My mother died during a drought when I was four, and my father ran away later that year. My siblings have kept our family afloat through the tough times.

"Michelle! Miles! Reaping day!" my older sister Milly calls from the kitchen. Ugh. I hate reaping day. Only one person in my entire family has ever been reaped, my aunt Maizi. She came in third in the 198th Games. Still, I reaping day always made me anxious, and the fact that my name is entered twenty three times for tesserae doesn't help matters.

"Okay," I shout back. I get out of bed and bring my nice reaping clothes into the bathroom. I then undress and hop into the shower. After showering, I put on my reaping clothes and brush my gray and black hair. I walk out of the bathroom and down the hallway to see my three sisters and three brothers sitting around the table eating breakfast.

"You look cute, Michelle!" my oldest sister Mara says to me. I feel a smile spreading across my face. My older siblings aren't the nicest to my only younger sibling Miles and me. It's not that they abuse or hit us or anything like that, it's just that we are pretty much ignored. I still love them though, because without my siblings, I probably wouldn't be here today.

"Thanks, Mara," I reply, "Miles, you can shower now."

"Ok, Michelle," he says, putting his empty bowl in the sink and walking into the bathroom. Once he closes the door, my siblings begin to talk in hushed tones.

"Once Michelle is too old to be reaped, should we make Miles take tessera?" Milly asks.

"Yeah, we'll need the food," says Mike.

"No, he's the baby of the family. We have to protect him," Missy says sternly.

"We don't have to decide right now. We still have two years," Matt says. I want to say that Miles shouldn't take tessarae, but I don't want to restart the argument. Miles and I have some sort of special connection. I guess it's because we're the two youngest, but I would be lost without him.

"It's getting late. We have to go soon," Mara tells us, "Miles! Let's go!" Miles exits the bathroom door and joins us in the kitchen.

"Ready!" he says. We walk out the door and I lock it behind us. I pray this won't be the last time I ever see my house. On the way to the reaping, I think about how much I should appreciate my older siblings. Mara is twenty-seven, and she is still living with us and providing for us. Mara, Missy, Mike, Matt, and Milly could abandon Miles and me and go out on their own, but they don't. They stay with us.

We arrive at the reaping area, and Miles and I wave goodbye to our siblings as we walk over to the zapper guy. He takes our blood and I hug Miles before going into the girl's section.

"Good luck!" I whisper.

"Good luck to you, too!" he replies. I stand amidst the other girls in District 11. Most of them are dark-skinned. I don't really care though; I'm used to being "the white girl" in school. Our new escort walks up the stairs to the podium. She is dark skinned and has on a beautiful, flowing black dress. Her hair looks very pretty and her makeup is normal; not like the typical freakish Capitol makeup. The only thing that screams "Capitol" about her is the ridiculous amount of gold jewelry she is wearing.

"Hi, my name is Tisha Tomay, and I'm your new escort. I know the Hunger Games isn't exciting for District 11, so let's just get this over with quickly. I don't want to drag it out for you," Tisha explains. I'm floored. We have an escort who isn't a freak? Since when does that happen? "Oh, and before we begin, here's your most recent victor, Destiny Carven." Destiny stands up and waves to the crowd. Tisha walks quickly over to the girl's bowl and as she pulls the name out, a girl screams, "I volunteer!" A white girl with red and brown hair jogs up to the stage confidently. She looks really young. "What's your name?" Tisha asks.

The girl rips the mic out of Tisha's hand and begins speaking into it. "I'm Amara Airess, and I'm your next victor!" Tisha rips the mic back out of her hand and tells her to stand to the side. She walks back over to the girl's bowl and pulls out a name.

"Michelle Rhode!" she says to the crowd. My jaw drops and I slowly walk to the stage, hoping for another volunteer or someone else named Michelle Rhode. But it's hopeless. I'm going into the Hunger Games. I stand next to Amara as Tisha calls out the next tribute. "Garret Houldy!" she says. A big, dark-skinned guy walks up to the stage sullenly. He looks really tough. "And the last tribute is," Tisha begins, "Hoe Ritchie." Another dark-skinned boy comes up to the stage, but he seems quiet and nice. Tisha and Destiny walk us over to the train and I catch Miles' eye one last time before the train door closes. I sit down next to Hoe while Tisha and Destiny disappear into another car. Amara and Garret are watching the other reapings, with various comments throughout. Then I hear the name, "Levenhire." That rings a bell.

District 12 - Laea RailEdit

"This it, Laea," Tamara says, looking into my eyes as I shoot my last arrow. It hits the bullseye of the target we set up. Tamara and I spend as much time as we can in the woods. She trains me for the Games, and she has become my best friend through it all.

"Tamara, I don't think there are words to show how grateful I am to you," I tell her with misty eyes. She runs over and hugs me, and we cry together.

"Laea, promise me you'll win. You have to," she cries.

"I will, Tamara, I will," I say. We hug and cry for a good ten minutes when I finally release my grip on her. "I have to go now," I say.

"Ok, I'll see you at the reaping," she says to me sadly. I walk back to the orphanage where I live with my brother Darren. We've lived here since our parents were taken away for hunting outside of District 12. We still don't know if they are alive or not. I open the door to the orphange and the screams and cries of children echo through the old, tattered house. I hate this place so much. I ignore the dirty, gross kids as I walk to the room I share with four other girls my age. One is lying naked on her bed, sleeping. She's gross. The other two are drawing all over her with markers. I shake my head and walk into the bathroom to get ready for the reaping. I take a shower and put on the only clean clothes I have. I exit the bathroom and the naked girl, who has marker all over her body, has one of the other ones in a headlock, and the other drawer is passed out on the floor. That or she's dead.

I quickly leave the room before the naked gross girl takes her anger out on me. I search for Darren when a hand grabs my shoulder. I spin around and Darren is standing behind me. "I was looking for you!" I tell me.

"Yeah, let's get out of here and go to the reaping early," he says to me, "And we'll go to the woods after the reaping." I nod guiltily. I still haven't told Darren I'm volunteering. I just don't have the heart to tell him, and I fear that he'll convince me not to. We walk together on the familiar path to District 12's center. We've taken many walks here, because we spend as much time as we can out of the orphanage.

Darren and I reach the center of District 12 and stroll over to the zapper lady. I hug him one last time before we part ways. "I love you, Darren," I say to him.

"Uh, love you too," he replies, confused. I stand with the other girls from District 12, blending in with the Seam girls. I look for the naked girl in the crowd, but I can't find her. Then, our escort comes onstage from behind a curtain. It's a guy this year.

"Hey, District 12! I'm Hawk Poppel, your new escort!" he says enthusiastically, "Let's get this crowd pumped up!" No one says a word. Hawk frowns a little and I can tell he feels awkward. "Alright, so you know the quell rules about the four tributes and the different arenas, so let's get to the reaping part. We'll start with the boys because I want to!" Hawk tells us. He struts over to the boy's bowl and picks out two names. "Nick Lovizio and Anthony Webb! Come on down!" he shouts. Two boys, who both look scared to death, walk slowly and quietly towards the stage. "Now for the ladies!" he says, heading towards the girl's bowl.

As he puts his hand in, I gulp and shout, "I volunteer!" Everyone looks at me, and I look at Darren, who is crestfallen.

"Come on up, here!" Hawk says, bursting with excitement. I walk to the stage and look at Tamara, who is giving me a thumbs up while wiping away the tears in her eyes. "What's your name, sweet thing?" he asks.

"Laea Rail," I say into the mic.

"Well congrats Laea. Let's see who your fellow female will be!" Hawk says. He picks a name out of the girl's bowl and unfolds it. "Sian Malley!" he shouts. A mean-looking girl stops up to the stage, showing no emotion. Hawk pushes us towards the train and we all sit down by the food and begin eating. I hope I can win this thing.

District 13 - Battleaxe MasonEdit

"Brrring! Brring!" I slam my hand down on the alarm clock and my whole family wakes up. We each put out forearm under the schedule thingy and it is printed on our arm. I look and see "Reaping" on it.

"Yes, it's reaping day!" I shout with glee. My parents and younger brother look at me and I can see the sadness in their eyes. "It's alright, guys, I'm going to win!" I tell them. My mother wipes away the tears in her eyes and my father shakes my hand. My brother runs to me and hugs me, and I almost decide not ot volunteer. That thought escapes my mind, however, when I think about my awesome my life will be after I win. I'll live in the nicest compartment in District 13, reserved for victors. My whole family will be so proud of me and I'll get any girl I want.

"We have to get down to breakfast!" my mother says, straightening our little compartment. I don't even bother shaving or showering, and I walk down with my little brother Tommy to breakfast. My parents follow behind us.

"Are you scared, Battleaxe?" my little brother asks.

"Not at all, Tommy. My soldier training has prepared me for the Games and I can't wait for them," I tell him confidently. I honestly feel like I am prepared, but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me I'm not. I shrug that feeling off though as we sit down for breakfast. The District 13 kitchen is making breakfast sandwiches this morning, and mine has Canadian bacon with egg and cheddar cheese. My favorite. I eat it quickly, and then hug and kiss my parents.

"Where are you going?" my dad asks.

"Reaping!" I say excitedly.

"It's not for a half-hour," my mother says.

"I know, but I want to be early," I say, walking out of the dining hall door. I sprint down the stairs to the District 13 meeting room, where the reapings are held. It is at the very bottom of District 13, and I'm tuckered out by the time I get down there. The zapper lady is sitting there, and I walk over to her and stick out my finger. I don't even flinch as she zaps my finger and takes some blood. I stand in the boy's section, and realize I'm the only one there. I look around awkwardly, hoping other people arrive soon, but it's only me and the zapper lady right now.

After fifteen minutes of probably the most awkward situation of my life, people begin filing in. I can barely contain myself as the escort comes onstage when the room is full.

"Greetings, District 13! I am Sally Kenny, your new escort for the 225th to 249th Hunger Games!" she says with glee, "I am very excited to have District 13, and I wish you all luck. Let's start the reaping!" Sally walks daintily over to the girl's reaping bowl and puts her gloved hand inside. She is wearing and orange blouse with a bunch of feathers on the bottom. Her makeup is overdone and her hair is a mess of pink curls. "Hailey Bolt!" she exclaims. An angry looking girl walks up to the stage and stands to the right of Sally with her arms crossed. "And the second female tribute is Lira Roberts!" Sally squeals. A girl with brown hair stands next to Hailey. I rub my hands together with excitement as Sally moves towards the boy's bowl. She puts her hand in and pulls out a name.

"I volunteer!" I shout. All eyes turn on me as I walk confidently to the stage with my head held high. Sally is clapping for me and I wink at her.

"Tell us your name," she says.

"Battleaxe Mason," I say.

"You are very brave, Battleaxe. And for the last tribute," Sally announces, unfolding the piece of paper in her hand, "We have Norman Bolt!" A blonde haired boy walks up to the stage and the crowd gasps. Norman's sister Hailey was already reaped. Even though they look nothing alike, I guess they are siblings.

Sally tells us to follow her up the stairs. We reach the ground level and a hovercraft takes us to the Capitol. I cannot wait to show off my skills in training!

Group TrainingEdit

Day 1Edit

Arabella Misk - District 8Edit

It's the first day of training today. Our annoying escort, Darla Conoda, wakes us up early for breakfast. I get dressed in the outfit they give us, which is brown and green, and walk into the dining room where Whitney and Theo are talking to Isabel, Flicks, and Jonah.

"Hey, Arabella!" Whitney says to me. I stare blankly at her and sit down next to Jonah. He seems the least annoying. I eat my breakfast in silence while everyone one else talks about the Games. Whitney and Theo are giving the others advice about how we shouldn't show off our skills in training because we might look like threats. I'm not going to listen to them. I'm doing things my own way. We finish breakfast and the Avoxes clear our table. Darla, Whitney, and Theo wave goodbye as we take the elevator down to the training floor. We step off the elevator and the rest of the tributes are standing in a circle around the head training guy, Ellio.

"Ah, here's District 8! That's everyone!" he says, "Let's begin!" He starts talking about survival and how most of the tributes die from the elements anyway. I tune him out and size up all the tributes. I'm happy that the Gamemakers made training mandatory, starting this year, because I can examine all of the tributes. The Capitol tributes look weak and puny as usual, the guys from one look pretty intimidating, and the tributes from two look pretty poor for Careers. The tributes from three are a mess, and the tributes from from four are like five years old. The tributes from five, six, and seven don't really stand out to me, and the tributes from my district are awful. One of the boys from nine looks like he's really athletic, and I'm strangely impressed with the tributes from ten and eleven. The District twelve girls look pretty strong, and the scariest tribute is one of the boys from 13.

I can kill them all.

Copper Overdeen - District 1Edit

Once Ellio lets us all go wherever we want, us Careers race to the weapons station and pick out our favorites.

"Career tryouts starting now!" Amber from my district shouts. A bunch of tributes sprint over to us, while the others go off in small alliances at different training stations.

First up is Kevin from 10. He seems pretty confident as he picks up a trident. He throws it at a dummy's head, beheading it. Now I know why he's confident. Anthony from 12 is next, and he tries to wield a sword, but fails miserably and ends up dropping it. The rest of the Careers laugh, including myself. I look around at the others and realize that Dagger and two tributes from 4 aren't with us. They're idiots. Amara from 11 is up next. She picks up a knife and a spear, and does a whole bunch of flips, rolls, and slashes with them. Even though she's only twelve, I'm impressed. Jonah from 8 steps to the weapon rack and faces some dummies. He throws three throwing axes and throwing knives at the dummies, and one of each hits the head, heart, and groin. Flicks from 8 and Dack from 9 try and mess up terribly, leaving Torianno from the Capitol. I'm not expecting much, to be honest, but he proves me wrong with his axe and throwing knife skills.

"Ok, now we're going to consult and see who makes it," Sami from 2 tells the hopeful recruits. We gather in a huddle and talk about them.

"I say only Jonah," to them.

"Amara too," says Antonia from 4.

"What about Torianno and Kevin?" Ezrah from 2 suggests.

"I think we should accept those four and say no to Anthony, Flicks, and Dack," Jason says confidently. I'm alright with that and everyone seems to be in agreement.

"Alright, tributes," Flash from my district begins, "There are four recruits to the Careers: Torianno from the Capitol, Jonah from 8, Kevin from 10, and Amara from 11. Everyone else sucked, and you'll probably die early on. Bye." The new recruits jump for joy while the rejects walk away slowly. It's great being a Career.

Nick Lovizio - District 12Edit

Laea and I walk around together looking for an alliance. We see a boy from 5 talking with two girls from 10 and 11.

"What about them?" I ask her. She shrugs her shoulders and walks towards them. Women. They never say what they want.

"Hey, can we join you guys?" Laea asks the trio. They look at each other and I stare at them pensively.

"Sure," says the boy from 5, "I'm Martin." We shake hands. Michelle from 11 and Madeleine from 10 introduce themselves and our alliance walks over to the fire-making station. The woman begins instructing us on how to make a fire when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I whip around to see two tributes from District 4 standing above me.

"Uh, hi," I manage to say. My eyes are bulging and I'm trying to not make it obvious that I'm scared as hell of these guys.

"Hi, I'm Emily and this is Trever," the girl says.

"Hi Emily and Trever," I say. I'm such an idiot. Trever chuckles and my cheeks turn red.

"We want to be in your alliance," Emily says. This gets the attention of my other alliance members who turn around and stare at Emily as if she has four heads.

"Aren't you with the Careers?" Madeleine asks.

"Nope, not this year," Trever tells us, "We only like Antonia and Jason from our District out of all the Careers so we just ditched them."

I look at Laea and the rest of the alliance. I can't tell if they are happy or just shocked, but Martin is nodding his head vigorously.

"Sure!" says Michelle. I can't believe I have two Careers in my alliance.

Dack Lorio - District 9Edit

After Ellio dismisses us, I look around desperately for anyone who wants an alliance. The tributes from my District are off on their own with other alliances when I spot a girl from 7 wandering around, deciding which station to attend. Her eyes keep peering back to the weapon station, but the Careers are dominating that right now.

I take a deep breath, run my fingers through my hair, and walk over to her. I feel like I'm asking her on a date and I'm about to pee my pants.

"Hi, I'm Dack from District 9. Want to be in an alliance?" I say quickly. She turns and looks at me, checking me out.

"Alright," she says, "I'm Liza from 7." I almost shout out YES, but I keep myself under control. I hope she's a good fighter. Liza and I head over to the gauntlet, which I'm nervous about. I'm scared she's going to kick me out if I don't do well on it. As we are waiting in line, a boy from 13 strolls over to use.

"Hey, I'm Norman. Can I join you guys?" he asks us.

"Isn't your sister here?" Liza questions.

"Yeah, but we figured that if we don't ally, we don't have to see each other die," he says to us, like it's an obvious fact. Well that's a cheery thought. I look at Liza and she checks him out, just like she did to me.

"Alright," she says, "I'm Liza from 7 and this is Dack from 9." We shake hands and the trainer for the gauntlet calls Liza. She's up next. She races through the gauntlet with intense speed and agility and passes through the obstacles in no time. I look back and see the Careers watching her, and it seems all eyes in the training center are on Liza. She finishes the gauntlet and the trainer stops the stopwatch.

"That's the new best record!" he says in amazement. A bunch of tributes clap for Liza, as she stands catching her breath and panting. The Careers look angry, and suddenly I'm not so sure if having a strong ally is a good thing or a bad thing.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7Edit

Rowanne from 9 and I are allied. We decide that we aren't going to let anyone else in besides the two of us, and I'm happy with that. Larger alliances are scary.

The other girl from 7, Liza, just did amazing on the gauntlet and she is probably the biggest target right now, and for good reason. I'm happy though, because I don't want to stand out. I just want to blend in with the rest of the tributes, and most importantly, not become a target. Rowanne is doing the same thing. Right now, we're at the camouflage station. I hear Rowanne giggle.

"What?" I ask her.

"Nothing, the paintbrush just tickles my arm," she says laughing. I laugh too and the trainer looks at us like we're idiots.

I see a boy from 6 walking over to us. He's been all around the training area today and I'm not sure which alliance he is in, if any.

"Hi, I'm Drake from District 6!" he says.

I'm about to say hi when Rowanne says, "We aren't accepting anyone into our alliance."

"Hello to you too!" Drake says laughing, "I'm not here to join you guys though. I just want to meet everyone and talk to some people."

"I'm Camellia and this is Rowanne," I say quickly before Rowanne could come up with some snarky comment.

"So what do you guys think about the President?" he asks us. I look at him with a confused look and flash my eyes to Rowanne, who is looking at him with an even stranger look.

"Uh, we hate him. Like everyone else," Rowanne says.

"Would you kill him?" Drake asks.

"No, that'd get me killed," I reply. Rowanne nods in agreement.

"Alright, it was nice meeting you girls!" Drake exclaims, walking away. Rowanne and I exchange glances and keep painting ourselves to a rock. Drake is a weirdo.

Yuna Besaid - District 6Edit

Bloom (5) and I are allied, and I'm a little upset it's only us two in the alliance. I want to meet more people. Plus, Bloom and I might not even be in the same arena. Ellio rings the lunch bell, and Bloom and I drop what we are doing at the insect and animal station and run towards the door. I look back and see one of the boys from 7 wandering around in the back of the pack.

"I'll meet you there, Bloom," I say to her. She nods and I walk over to the lost boy. "Hi, I'm Yuna!" I say to him, holding out my hand for him to shake. He looks at it awkwardly and continues to walk. "What's your name?" I ask.

"Adullius," he mutters quietly.

"That's a cool name!" I say enthusiastically. He doesn't say anything.

"So what's your favorite weapon?" I ask him.

"A sword," he replies, staring at the ground.

"Who are you allied with?" I inquisite. I'm probably coming off as annoying, but I feel bad for him.

"Uh, no one," he says softly, still staring at the ground.

"Wanna join me and Bloom from 5?" I ask him. He looks at me and his eyes light up.

"Are you serious?" he asks.

"Yeah, definitely!" I say.

"Thanks a lot!" Adullius exclaims, smiling. We enter the cafeteria and sit together at the center table with Bloom.

"Bloom, this is Adullius. He's in our alliance now," I tell her, winking so she knows to be nice. She shakes his hand and they talk as I bring lunch to the three of us. I love making friends!

Ashley Fretson - District 10Edit

It's nearing the end of lunchtime and I feel so awkward. I'm kind of in an alliance with Michelle and Madeleine, but only if I meet up with them in the arena. The alliances are scattered around the cafeteria, the Careers in the center laughing and talking. There are about 10 tributes who are going solo for the Games, and we are all sitting spaced out on one long table on the left side of the cafeteria. A girl from 12 and a boy from 6 are near me, but they are a couple of seats down. I finish my pizza staring straight ahead and trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

Just then, Ellio, the head trainer, bursts into the cafeteria and whistles, silencing the tributes. "Alright, we're having a slight problem with the gauntlet so training will be over for today," he announces. The Careers begin to boo and slam the table with their fists. After Ellio leaves, we gradually file out of the door towards the elevator to our District's floor. I'm on the elevator with Anthony from 12, Flicks from 8, and Jane from 9. As we are nearing the seventh floor, the elevator stops.

"What just happened?" Jane asks.

"I think the elevator stopped," Anthony says. We begin banging on the door and screaming for help. The emergency phone has no dial tone, and it's getting really hot in the elevator.

Afer a few hours, all of us are stripped down to our underwear, exhausted and sweating from the heat. I feel like I just jumped in a pool.

"I'm so thirsty," Flicks complains. Jane stares at him and narrows her eyes. Anthony is either sleeping, passed out, or dead.

"I'm feeling lightheaded," I say, trying to keep my eyes open. Then the world turns to black as my head hits the ground and I pass out.

Day 2Edit

Watt Powers - District 3Edit

The annoying alarm clock in my Capitol bedroom goes off. I slowly roll out of bed (which was literally the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on in my life), and shut it off. I put on my clothes and look at my body in the mirror in shame. Why do I keep eating so much? I walk out of my room and everyone but Raden is up and watching television. I grab a donut from the table and see the big news. I knock on Raden's door to tell him. He opens it up.

"Someone died," I say in between swallows.

"A tribute?" he asks.

"No, the President's wife's father," I reply nonchalantly.

"Oh, I don't really care," he says, shutting the door in my face. Wow, thanks a lot, ally. I walk over to the window and stare at all the Capitol freaks walking by. Katrin and Alyss are talking on the couch with the sylists and escort. I'm all alone.

After eating breakfast, the four of us walk together towards the elevator.

"Out of service?" Alyss questions, reading the sign.

"Oh well, let's walk," Katrin says, opening the door to the stairs. I groan and hear Raden laugh. We get down to the training area and enter the big room. There are a few people still filing in and I see Ellio counting.

"Okay, that's everyone," he says. "Now go ahead and train!" I notice four people are missing.

"Um, there are only 52 tributes here," I say out loud.

"Didn't you hear?" Lira from 13 asks me. Obviously I didn't if I am asking. "Four tributes got stuck in an elevator yesterday for five hours!" she continues, "All but one passed out and the emergency maintenance workers had to lift them out from the top."

"Are they ok?" I ask.

"Yeah, they all survived, but the Capitol doctor is making them stay in the infimary until tomorrow," she says, walking away towards her alliance. That sucks. They miss a whole day of training. Actually, I wish I was one of them.

Ezrah Sherd - District 2Edit

These wannabe Careers are so annoying. Kevin and Torianno keep saying that we need to go to other stations because we might be separated in the arenas and actually have to leave the Cornucopia. The girls agree and I'm pissed off as we walk away from the weapons where the alliance with Fabio and Maysilee hops on them right away.

We walk over to the plant identification station and Kate and Isabel are there.

"Leave," Copper orders. They walk away immediately, frightened. Intimidating other people is so fun. All of us sit down in a circle as the plant lady begins lecturing us on different types of plants and how to know if a plant is poisonous. I zone out in the middle of her presentation and watch the other alliance at the weapons station. Fabio and Maysilee are surprisingly impressive for Capitol tributes. They aren't on Torianno's level, but they're not half bad. Alyss and Hailey are pretty weak, but Alyss puts on a show quite well. She makes it seem like she isn't weak, and I can tell she's someone to watch out for. She could make it far. Majono from 5 is the best of the group. Honestly, I would ask him to join the Careers if it were Day 1.

Suddenly, the rest of the Careers stand up and head towards the animal station. I guess the presentation was over.

"Did you pay attention to that, Hex?" I ask her with a flirtacious smile.

"Yeah, you're lucky too. Or else you could be poisoned," she teases. I think I'm starting to fall for Hex. She's pretty, nice, funny, and tough. I hope we are in the same arena simply because I want to spend more time with her. I wonder if she feels the same way about me.

Fabio Batone - CapitolEdit

Our alliance just finished up at the weapons station. I can already tell Majono is the best, and I hope we are in the same arena so we can ally.

As we are walking over to the fishing station, the large alliance with two District 4 tributes takes over the weapons area.

"Guys, should we just watch them?" I ask my alliance.

"If you want to. I don't really care about fishing," Maysilee rations. Majono looks hesitant, but sits with us when Alyss and Hailey agree to watching them.

"They are our biggest competition besides the Careers," Hailey says. Trever and Emily are up first, and after seeing their performance, I can understand why they are from District 4. Trever wields his trident like it's an extension of his body, and Emily throws the spear with amazing precision. I look at Maysilee and she returns my gaze with worried eyes. We have to watch out for those two. Madeleine and Michelle are up next. After using their weapons on the dummies, both of them are solid fighters. Laea is pretty bad with a spear, and Martin and Nick are alright. Overall, Trever and Emily are the biggest threats while Laea is a joke.

"Alright, let's go now. They're done," Majono says, getting up.

"You can go," Maysilee says, "I want to watch the weapons some more." Majono leaves in frustration and Alyss goes over to console him. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm sensing something between those two.

"Hey, Fabio!" Hailey whispers.

"What?" I mouth. She waves for me to come over to her. I look at the weapons station and see a sizable alliance, so I keep my eyes peered on them as Hailey talks to me.

"Do you like Maysilee?" she asks.

"What?" I say loudly, "Of course not!"

"Ok, geez," she says, "I was just wondering. I scooched away from Hailey and towards Maysilee again. As I watch Battleaxe from 13 completely tear up a dummy, I think about Maysilee. If we both weren't going to die, I guess I could think about her romantically. She's pretty and nice, and there is always the possiblity of two victors...

Jamie Carpenter - District 5Edit

Aliza and I have become best friends through this training process. We got together on Day 1 and immediately clicked. Ever night, I prayed that we would be in the same arena. I don't want to be like one of the loners who is constantly walking around without anyone to talk to. I scan the training area and there are even more of them than I realize.

Aliza and I walk over to the tree climbing station. The instructor tells us to look for knots on a tree to use as footholds. Aliza and I begin cracking up when she keeps falling off of the knot because of her big feet. Sian from 12 is staring at us, and when I make eye contact with her, she stares at me coldly. I look away uncomfortably and glance at her one more time. She's still staring.

"That girl is creepy," I whisper to Aliza.

"Yeah, I noticed," she replies, "Just ignore her." I try to ignore her, but I can't keep from thinking about her cold eyes. She's driving me crazy. I peek one more time and she's not there. I breathe a sigh of relief and turn back to Aliza. Instead of Aliza, Sian is up in the tree with me. I scream and fall out of the tree, and the world turns black.

Hoe Ritchie - District 11Edit

I hear a scream and then a thud. A bunch of peacekeepers and tributes rush over to the tree climbing area and make a circle around some girl on the ground. Drake and I follow everyone to see the action.

"Jamie, are you okay?" I hear Aliza from the Capitol ask, rubbing her arm. Jamie is either out cold or dead. A female Peacekeeper checks her pulse.

"She's alive," she tells us. Aliza breathes a sigh of relief. "But she has a concussion. Her head hit the concrete floor pretty hard," the Peacekeeper explains. Two male Peacekeepers walk in with a stretcher and Jamie is loaded on and taken away. Five tributes in the infirmirary? That has to be a new record.

"So, where do you want to go next?" Drake asks me.

"How about plant identification?" I suggest. He agrees and we head over to the guy with a bunch of plants and a huge screen surrounding him. Dagger from 1 is there, listening to him intently. Drake and I sit down next to her, and the trainer gives the three of us one plant each.

"Now, two of these plants are poisonous. Tell me which two," he says. Drake looks at me in a panic and Dagger begins examining her plant. Growing up in District 11, I do have a slight advantage here.

"Your's is poisonous," I whisper to him. Dagger keeps staring at her plant and looks up at me helplessly. "Your's too!" I tell her. She smiles at me and the training guy smiles when they get it right.

"I'm a great teacher!" he says to himself. Yeah, sure you are.

Lira Roberts - District 13Edit

It's finally lunchtime! I head into the cafeteria with Battleaxe, Kirk, Lance, and Garret. I like being the only girl in my alliance. The boys fight over trying to please me. Battleaxe is the toughest and most feared tribute in our alliance, with Garret close behind. Kirk and Lance are pretty weak and I'm smack dab in the middle. I like being in the middle of the alliance too, because I'm neither a threat or a weakling.

"Lira, what do you want?" Kirk asks me.

"I'll take spaghetti and meatballs," I tell him. He goes up to the cafeteria lady and orders my food. I love having servants. After Kirk comes back with my food, our alliance talks about our plans for the Games.

"If we are split up, we should stay in hiding," Lance suggests.

"Yeah, if only two of us are in one arena, those two will be more defensive while the other three are more on offense," Garret suggests.

"I really hope the Careers and the other two big alliances are split up," I say. My alliance members nod and we realize today is probably the last day we'll have together. Tomorrow is full of individual training sessions and interviews, and we don't have much time to socialize. The next day is the Games.

"I'll miss you guys," Battleaxe says, killing the mood. We sit in silence for a while until it's time to go back to our rooms. They are ending training early today because they want to give us enough time to strategize with our mentors and chat with our stylists. Battleaxe and I wave to our alliance and go to the newly fixed elevator together. He locks his hand in mine and I rest my head on his shoulder as the elevator rises.

Trever Tewie - District 4Edit

Emily and I walk together up to the District 4 floor using the stairs. We're still not comfortable with that elevator. As we open the door, Antonia and Jason step out of the elevator.

"Hey guys!" Emily says, walking up to them. Antonia looks at her coldly, and Jason ignores her completely.

"What?" Antonia asks miserably.

"How was training?" Emily asks, completely disregarding their hateful stares and cold words.

"Good. The Careers are really strong," Antonia says, following Jason into the room.

"Hey guys!" our escort, Mona Bridges, says to us. She's sitting on the couch with our stylists watching the replays from group training. "Nice job in training guys! Even though you guys are younger, I still think you have a really good chance of winning." Jason walks into his room and slams the door.

"What's wrong with him?" I ask.

"Nothing," Antonia says quickly, "He just wants to be alone."

"Oh," I say. I can tell from their icy words that Antonia and Jason are mad at us for ditching the Careers. I thought they would be fine with it because of the way we all connected on the train ride. I guess not though. As Antonia walks into her room, I say, "Antonia, we're cool, right?"

"Maybe," she says, slamming the door. That gives me an eerie feeling.

Antonia and Jason only come out of their rooms for dinner the whole night. As it gets darker, Emily announces that she's going to bed. I go in shortly after her and fall asleep.

I wake up to hear on knock on my door. It's not morning already, is it? I look at the clock and see it's 1 in the morning. I quickly put on some clothes and answer the door. It's Emily.

"I can't sleep. Do you mind if I spend the night with you?" she asks me.

"Sure!" I reply, a little too happily. I hop into bed and Emily snuggles up against me. I close my eyes with my arms wrapped around her waist.

Individual Training SessionsEdit

Day 3Edit

Torianno Falsetto - CapitolEdit

"Tori-anno Fal-setto," the robotic voice announces, summoning me to my training session. I'm the first one to go, and I'm a little nervous. The other Capitol tributes wish me good luck as I walk out of our room and down the hallway towards the training center. To my right and left are the rooms of the other Districts, and I think about how awkward it must be for the Districts where the tributes don't really get along. I enter the training area and walk over to the weapon rack. The Gamemakers are watching me intently as I pick up an axe. I take it in my hand and charge at the dummy with it, decapitating it. Then I slash the dummy's limbs off and slice it in the chest. I rush back to the weapon rack and pick up some throwing knives. I sprint over to the moving dummy station, and throw the three knives at three dummies that are moving around on some belt in the floor. I hit one directly in the heart, but the other two miss to the left a little bit. I stand in front of the Gamemakers and they dismiss me. I'm pleased with my performance.

Flash Skylar - District 1Edit

"Flash Sky-lar," the voice announces. I get up from the table and shake hands with Amber and Copper before leaving the room. Dagger is awkwardly sitting in the corner and I'm glad about that. She deserves to be punished for not joining us. I strut down the hallway and open the big wide doors of the training area. I take out a knife from the weapon rack and cut up a dummy, stabbing it in the parts that would do the most damage. I see the Gamemakers watching intently and one of them is whispering to another. I have them roped in. Next, I take a spear from the weapon rack and throw it at a dummy. I hit in right in the neck, decapitating it. As the head falls to the floor, I stand in front of the Gamemakers confidently. They dismiss me and I exit the training area, impressed with what I've done.

Sami Freemont - District 2Edit

"Sam-i Free-mont," that creepy female voice announces. Only Hex and I are left in our room, as Ezrah and Jacob already went. I give her a hug and wish her good luck. As I walk down the hallway, I'm thankful that I have a strong alliance, and a really good relationship with the people from my district. I enter the training area and the Gamemakers stop eating when I walk in. I take a bow from the weapon rack and notch an arrow in. I aim it at the archery target on the wall and release. Bullseye. I notch another arrow and release. Bullseye. I push my luck by shooting a third arrow. Bullseye. Now I'm feeling on top of the world. I take a knife from the weapons rack and begin doing a bunch of fancy moves I learned on my last day in the Academy. I'm not an expert at these moves, but I feel confident in my abilities. As I'm about to put the knife through the top of the dummy's head, the knife slips out of my hand and crashes to the floor. I dropped the knife. I keep my head down as the Gamemakers dismiss me and exit the room.

Alyss Shepherd - District 3Edit

"Alyss Shep-herd," says the robotic voice. I wave goodbye to Katrin as I exit the room. She gives me a creepy smile and I shut the door quickly. Katrin creeps me out so much. I walk down the hallway and open the huge double doors to the training area. I have to get a 6 or 7. That's my goal. I head over to the weapons rack and pick out a knife from the rack, my hand quivering. I look at the Gamemakers and smile. Then, I take the knife and slice off the arms of the dummy. Then I proceed to stab the dummy in the heart, head, and groin. I feel like I'm doing too well, so I take a few steps back and throw the knife, hitting it in the foot. That should be in the 6-7 range, so I stand in front of the Gamemakers and they dismiss. I leave the room, smiling. I can't wait to see my score and who is in my arena.

Antonia Clay - District 4Edit

"An-to-nia Clay," calls the robotic female voice. I say goodbye to Emily and exit the District 4 holding room. Jason and I reconciled with Trever and Emily, but we still aren't best friends. I wouldn't hesitate to kill either in an instant. I walk down the hallway, the huge doors looming ahead of me. I take a deep breath and push them open, sprinting in front of the Gamemakers. My quick entrance gets their attention, so I move to the weapon rack. I pick up a sword and it's pretty heavy, but I can still fight with it. I do a bunch of fancy moves I learned in the Academy, and by the time I'm done, only the dummy's torso remains. I put the sword back and pick up a spear. I know I'm pressing my luck, but I don't really care at this point. I throw the spear at the dummy with all my might and it penetrates the dummy's heart, getting lodged in it's foam body. I bow and the Gamemakers dismiss me. I walk out of the room confidently, knowing I did a great job.

Majono Kelsony - District 5Edit

"Ma-jo-no Kel-so-ny," the automated voice says into the loudspeaker. I stand up and shake the hands of Martin, Bloom, and Jamie. Even though none of us are allied with each other, we're still friendly. I exit the door and walk down the hallway. I'm surprised I'm not nervous. I guess it's because I know I am going to do well. I open the doors and push my way through into the training area. The Gamemakers are eating what looks like duck, but they are still paying attention to me. I go directly to the weapon rack and take out three throwing knives. I see the moving dummy station to my left, but decide that's too risky for me. I go to the stationary dummies, take a deep breath and throw the three throwing knives quickly in succession. They hit the head, heart, and groin of the dummy. That is exactly what I wanted. I take the throwing knife out of the head, and use it to decapitate the dummy, before walking in front of the Gamemakers. They dismiss me and I leave the room, bursting with joy.

Kate McAllister - District 6Edit

"Kate Mc-All-i-ster," rings through the District 6 holding room. I'm the only one left in there, so I awkwardly leave and shut the door behind me. I think about what I should do as I walk down the neverending hallway, past the empty holding rooms of the Capitol and Districts 1-5. I know that I want between a 6 and a 7, because I don't want to be too big of a threat, or a weakling. I open the big double doors and walk into the training area. I move towards the weapon rack, not even making eye contact with the Gamemakers. I hear them talking and I look back, but I'm not paying attention to where I'm walking and I trip and fall over the weapon rack, sending the weapons falling to the floor. A knife almost clips my arm, but I sidestep it. I guess I have to do really well now so I don't get a bad score. I pick up a mace from the weapon assortment on the ground and walk over to the dummy. I decapitate the dummy using my mace and then swing it as hard as I can at its chest. It makes a gaping hole through it. I think that's good enough for a 7, so I stand in front of the Gamemakers and they dismiss me.

Kirk Frelt - District 7Edit

"Kirk Frelt," booms through the District 7 holding room. Adullius already went, so I wave goodbye to Liza and Camellia as I leave the room. I can feel my legs become wobbly as I near the training room. I feel so nervous about being alone with the Gamemakers. My hands shake as I pull the handle of the big doors open. The sound of the door slamming closed gets their attention and they all stare at me as I slowly walk towards the weapon rack. Sweat is pouring down my face as I grasp the sword in my hand. I pick it up and it's really heavy. I swing at the dummy and miss completely. The Gamemakers begin to laugh and I start to feel woozy. I drop the sword and fall to the ground. I can't believe I fainted in my private training session.

Flicks Marvel - District 8Edit

"Flicks Mar-vel," announces the computerized female voice. I stand up nervously and look at Jonah, Arabella, and Isabel sitting behind me. Isabel puts her thumbs up and smiles. Arabella puts her thumbs down and frowns. I gulp and exit the room. I feel like I'm at a disadvantage because I missed a whole day of training in the infirmary. I shudder thinking about those horrible hours in the elevator. I reach the training center and open the door to get in. The Gamemakers are drinking and I have to clear my throat to get their attention. I take three throwing knives from the rack and stand in front of a dummy about ten yards away. I throw my knives at the dummy. Two hit the heart, and one hits the right shin. That's pretty good for missing a whole day of training, and as I leave the room, I hope the Gamemakers would take that into consideration when determining my score.

Rowanne Tamela - District 9Edit

"Row-anne-Tam-e-la," says the robotic voice through the loudspeaker. I get up and walk away without saying anything to Jane, or even looking at her. I just find these social moments so awkward and weird. I would just rather ignore everyone. That would be nice. I enter the huge double doors and the Gamemakers are feasting on a roasted pig, so at least they are quiet when I walk in. I walk quickly to the weapon rack and pick up a throwing knife. I throw it at the dummy and it hits the shin. I know these knives are too heavy for me, so I then take a slingshot. I put a rock in it and pull back. I aim at the dummy's head and release, knocking the head clean to the floor. I look at the Gamemakers and they all stopped eating and are staring straight at me. I want to run out of there right now, but I stand in front of them and they dismiss me. Hopefully I get a decent score.

Lance Thrust - District 10Edit

"Lance Thrust," rings through the District 10 holding room. I say goodbye to Ashley and leave the room, relieved. That place is so awkward. Kevin is with the Careers and Madeleine has her own alliance. I do too, but I'm at least friendly with the other people. I walk down the hallway and enter the training room. The Gamemakers are talking and laughing when I walk in. I go quickly to the weapon rack and pick up a spear. I throw it at the dummy, but it doesn't even reach. It clatters to the floor and the Gamemakers laugh some more. Then, I pick up a trident and throw it angrily at the dummy. It takes off the right arm, but it's still a bad throw. I storm out of the training area without being dismissed.

Amara Airess - District 11Edit

"A-mara Air-ess," says the voice. Finally, I can't wait to leave this boring room. I burst out of the door and sprint down the hallway, pushing through the double doors and running straight to the weapon rack. The Gamemakers quiet down. I guess my entrance caught their attention. I know I have to show the Careers I deserve to be in their alliance, so I carve up the dummy with amazing speed with a knife. Then, I take a spear from the rack and impale the dummy's heart with it. Then I do a bunch of backflips to the Gamemakers. They dismiss me and I sprint back out the door, excited about my score.

Anthony Webb - District 12Edit

"An-tho-ny Webb" calls the creepy woman's voice. Nick and Laea wish my luck. Sian just stares at me coldly. I can't figure that girl out. I enter the training area and the Gamemakers barely pay attention to me. I stomp on the ground so they hear me, and they all stop talking and look at me. I tell them about how I was stuck on the elevator and missed a whole day of training. They laugh in my face and turn back to their feast. I take a sword and cut the limbs off the dummy. They aren't paying attention. Then I take a mace and swing at the dummy's head. I miss completely, and I hear them burst into laughter again. Of course they see that. I leave the room infuriated. Stupid Gamemakers.

Norman Bolt - District 13Edit

"Nor-man Bolt," the female voice says. I give Hailey a squeeze and Battleaxe and Lira wish me good luck. Even though not all of us are allied, we're still really close. I mean we're all the same age and we were in the same math class last year. I walk down the hallway, past all of the empty holding rooms. District 13 is the last to go. I enter the training area and the Gamemakers are silent. I look at them, and they all look tired and worn down. I guess all that partying didn't serve them well. I grab a sword from the weapon rack and completely destroy the dummy, leaving it in pieces. The Gamemakers dismiss me and I leave the room quietly. I cannot wait until tonight when they give the training scores, and then, more importantly, the two arena lists.

Training ScoresEdit

Tribute Training Score Odds
Torianno Falsetto 10 10-1
Fabio Batone 7 21-1
Maysilee Cresent 7 21-1
Aliza Marr 5 60-1
Copper Overdeen 11 4-1
Flash Skylar 10 9-1
Amber Agate 10 9-1
Dagger Kaylen 9 13-1
Ezrah Sherd 10 8-1
Jacob Latinee 10 7-1
Hex Servirior 9 12-1
Sami Freemont 8 17-1
Watt Powers 4 77-1
Raden Harvestmoon 6 39-1
Katrin Calix 8 19-1
Alyss Shepherd 6 38-1
Trever Tewie 9 16-1
Jason Clearwater 11 5-1
Antonia Clay 10 10-1
Emily Lunamoon 9 11-1
Majono Kelsony 9 14-1
Martin Meyers 6 34-1
Bloom Winterlake 6 37-1
Jamie Carpenter 3 90-1
Xavier Woods 7 25-1
Drake Johnson 6 30-1
Yuna Besaid 8 19-1
Kate McAllister 6 30-1
Kirk Frelt 3 87-1
Adullius Burshnack 7 23-1
Camellia Cyrellia 8 18-1
Liza Kay 8 16-1
Flicks Marvel 6 31-1
Jonah Thompson 9 14-1
Arabella Misk 10 10-1
Isabel Davids 7 21-1
Dack Lorio 7 20-1
Lucas Rayden 7 19-1
Rowanne Tamela 5 53-1
Jane Skye 6 34-1
Lance Thrust 4 69-1
Kevin Quince 9 15-1
Ashley Fretson 5 56-1
Madeleine Levenhire 6 37-1
Garret Houldy 9 13-1
Hoe Ritchie 6 30-1
Michelle Rhode 3 77-1
Amara Airess 10 9-1
Nick Lovizio 6 28-1
Anthony Webb 5 52-1
Sian Malley 9 11-1
Laea Rail 4 63-1
Norman Bolt 8 15-1
Battleaxe Mason 11 5-1
Hailey Bolt 6 27-1
Lira Roberts 7 18-1

Green tributes have a high chance of winning.

Yellow tributes have a moderate chance of winning.

Red tributes have a low chance of winning.

Arena ListEdit

Arena 1 Arena 2
Dagger Kaylen Amber Agate
Liza Kay Flicks Marvel
Fabio Batone Martin Meyers
Kirk Frelt Aliza Marr
Hailey Bolt Majono Kelsony
Ashley Fretson Alyss Shepherd
Kate McAllister Kevin Quince
Lucas Rayden Emily Lunamoon
Hex Servirior Nick Lovizio
Amara Airess Bloom Winterlake
Norman Bolt Torianno Falsetto
Laea Rail Ezrah Sherd
Katrin Calix Jonah Thompson
Anthony Webb Sian Malley
Hoe Ritchie Jason Clearwater
Garret Houldy Watt Powers
Antonia Clay Madeleine Levenhire
Battleaxe Mason Rowanne Tamela
Isabel Davids Trever Tewie
Lira Roberts Jamie Carpenter
Jacob Latinee Lance Thrust
Drake Johnson Copper Overdeen
Arabella Misk Dack Lorio
Maysilee Cresent Raden Harvestmoon
Xavier Woods Jane Skye
Yuna Besaid Adullius Burshnack
Michelle Rhode Flash Skylar
Sami Freemont Camellia Cyrellia


(Hosted by Corey Flickerman)

Capitol - Maysilee CresentEdit

Corey: Now, let's welcome from our very own Capitol, Maysilee Cresent!

Maysilee: Thank, you Corey!

Corey: So, Maysilee. I hear there's a romance budding between you and another tribute. Tell us all about it!

Maysilee: It's true. Fabio and I have been getting along quite well.

Corey: Quite well, indeed! Any kisses, hugs, or something a little know-

Maysilee: I'm not going to tell you that, but I will tell you we love each other very much.

Corey: Oh, alright, alright. One more question. Are you happy you are both in the same arena?

Maysilee: Yes, we are hoping for some sort of twist that allows two winners, but even if there isn't one, we want to spend as much time as possible before we-


District 1 - Amber AgateEdit

Corey: Please welcome the lovely Amber Agate from District 1!

Amber: Hello, Corey.

Corey: So, Amber, how do you feel about your arena and overall chances in the Games?

Amber: I love the tributes in my arena. We have the majority of the Careers and the non-Careers don't pose much of a threat.

Corey: Whoa, Miss Confident over here! What will your strategy be for these Games, Amber?

Amber: I'm not going to give all of it away, but I do plan on sticking with the tributes I've already aligned with.

Corey: Last question, because we're running out of time. If you had one item to bring with you into the arena, besides your token, what would it be?

Amber: A gun.


District 2 - Hex ServiriorEdit

Corey: Next up is a stunning girl from District 2, Hex Servirior!

Hex: Don't call me stunning. Only attractive people can call me stunning.

Corey: Ok then. So I heard about you and another tribute getting close.

Hex: I don't want to talk about it.

Corey: And you guys aren't in the same arena-


Corey: But it's my job to get you to talk.

Hex: Well it's my job to kill people I don't like.


District 3 - Katrin CalixEdit

Corey: Now we have one of our more mysterious tributes, Katrin Calix of District 3!

Katrin: Why am I mysterious?

Corey: Well, your whole look and personality has that kind of vibe to it.

Katrin: Does the fact I enjoy pain, death, and hurting others add to that?

Corey: Yeah, a little bit.

Katrin: Good.

Corey: So, any plans for the Games?

Katrin: Yeah, I'm going to put on a good show for Panem, with a lot of gory deaths. I hope you enjoy!


District 4 - Emily LunamoonEdit

Corey: Next up is Emily Lunamoon, from District 4!

Emily: Hi Corey.

Corey: So, you know what I'm going to ask you about. How's Trever?

Emily: He's good.

Corey: What do you mean by good?

Emily: Caring, charming, strong, kind, sweet. Just what I want in a boy.

Corey: Can we expect any, you know, action between you two in the arena?

Emily: ....


District 5 - Martin MeyersEdit

Corey: Say hello to Martin Meyers from District 5!

Martin: Hello to Martin Meyers from District 5!

Corey: Haha, so, Martin, your sister Lauren was in the Games 25 years ago, correct?

Martin: Yeah, she died on Day 1, after escaping the bloodbath. I hope I do better.

Corey: Is most of your alliance in your arena?

Martin: Yeah, everyone but Michelle and Laea are in Arena 2, so I'm happy about that.

Corey: Well, good luck in the Games, Martin!

Martin: Thanks, man. I hope my ADHD and Autism don't hinder me in the arena...


District 6 - Xavier WoodsEdit

Corey: Now we have Xavier Woods from District 6!

Xavier: Hi.

Corey: So, Xavier, anything you'd like to share with the citizens of Panem.

Xavier: No, not really.

Corey: Come on, there has to be something. Any girls you want to give a shout out to?

Xavier: No.

Corey: Wanna say hi to your mom?

Xavier: No


District 7 - Adullius BurshnackEdit

Corey: Here is Adullius Burshnack from District 7, everyone!

Adullius: Hello Corey.

Corey: So, Adullius, how do you like your alliance?

Adullius: Adullius likes his alliance very much and is happy Bloom is in his arena. Adullius wishes Yuna was with them too.

Corey: Uh, why are you talking in third person?

Adullius: Adullius likes too. Why are you talking in first person?

Corey: Valid point.

Adullius: Adullius thinks so too.


District 8 - Jonah ThompsonEdit

Corey: Ladies and gentleman, Jonah Thompson from District 8!

Jonah: Hey there, Corey!

Corey: Hey yourself! So I've heard you have yourself locked into the Careers.

Jonah: Yes, it's true. I'm tight with them.

Corey: Well good for you! Following in District 8's footsteps, I see.

Jonah: I hope so. We've had some pretty good luck in the past.

Corey: I'll say. Well good luck, bro!

Jonah: Thanks, dude.


District 9 - Jane SkyeEdit

Corey: Now we have Jane Skye who hails from District 9!

Jane: Hi Corey.

Corey: So, Jane. You were one of the four tributes stuck in the elevator after Day 1 of training.

Jane: Yeah. It was me, Flicks from 8, Ashley from 10, and Anthony from 12. We were in there for hours and we all passed out from the heat.

Corey: What was it like in there?

Jane: Well, it was really hot and I honestly thought I would die in there.

Corey: Are the four of you closer now that that happned?

Jane: Yeah, except Flicks and I are in one arena, and Ashley and Anthony in the other.


District 10 - Kevin QuinceEdit

Corey: Here is, from District 10, Kevin Quince!

Kevin: Thanks, Corey.

Corey: So, you are another one of the Career recruits. Any thoughts on that?

Kevin: I'm really happy about it actually. Being from an outlying District like 10, I wasn't sure if I would get in.

Corey: Then you must have some pretty impressive skills.

Kevin: Yeah, I do. Haha.

Corey: Well you have the confidence you need to win. Best of luck in the Games!

Kevin: I won't need luck, but thanks.


District 11 - Garret HouldyEdit

Corey: Next up is Garret Houldy, from District 11!

Garret: Shut the hell up.

Corey: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did I do?

Garret: You live in the Capitol.

Corey: So are you saying you hate Capitol citizens?

Garret: Yes.

Corey: That's not going to get you a lot of sponsors.

Garret: I don't need them.


District 12 - Sian MalleyEdit

Corey: Now we have the elusive Sian Malley, from District 12!

Sian: Elusive? That's a new one.

Corey: Well, Sian, you have been one of the more mysterious tributes. We don't know too much about you, so tell us more!

Sian: I'd rather not.

Corey: See what I mean? Can you tell us anything about you or your plan for the Games? We're all dying to know.

Sian: The point is that you don't know much about me, so no. There's nothing I can tell you.

Corey:'re killing me Sian.

Sian: Sorry.


District 13 - Hailey BoltEdit

Corey: Last, but definitely not least, we have Hailey Bolt from District 13!

Hailey: Hi, there, Corey.

Corey: So, since you are last, do you have any mindblowing news to tell us?

Hailey: Actually, yes. Kind of. I think I'm in love with another tribute.

Corey: Who?

Hailey: I don't think I should say. They are already involved with someone else.

Corey: Oh come on. You can't tease us like that. You might never get the chance to tell him again! Do it before it's too late.

Hailey: Fine.'s Fabio.


The 225th Annual Hunger GamesEdit

(Warning: Foul language will be present)

Arena 1Edit

Day 1 - "You sick bitch!" - Sami FreemontEdit


Amara Airess - District 11Edit

"Goodbye," I whisper to my stylist as the tube closes. I close my eyes at the blinding light when the launch tube reaches ground level. I look around in awe of the beautiful arena. To the north is a huge ocean and a sandy beach. The Cornucopia is surrounded by sand and supplies of all kinds. Behind me, to the south, is a beach house that I really want to explore. To the east is what looks like a cove and to the west is an area with a few trees scattered about and some widlife. I stare at a pack of knives in front of me as the countdown continues. 60...59...58...

Kate McAllister - District 6Edit

Isabel (8) is right next to me on the launch pads. I look into her eyes and she points to the cove. I nod my head and the countdown continues. 15...14...13

Drake Johnson - District 6Edit

I look to the left and right of me, deciding which tribute will be easier to kill. Kirk (7) is to my left and Battleaxe (13) is to my right. 5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I dash off my platform and jump on Kirk's (7) back, sending him to the ground with his face buried in the sand. My knees are on his back, pinning him down, and his arms are flailing around. I can hear him begging to let go, and I feel terrible. But it's the Hunger Games. I grab his head and twist it really fast and his arms become motionless. I think I got the first kill.

Laea Rail - District 12Edit

I race to a backpack and pick one up. I feel a tug on my arm and scream.

"It's me," Michelle says quickly, "Come on!" We begin running together towards the foresty area and she grabs a bow on the way, but no arrows.

Maysilee Cresent - CapitolEdit

"Hurry!" Fabio (C) shouts. He's waiting with Hailey (13) near the path to the beach house.

"I'm coming!" I retort. I'm trying to untie a machete from a stake in the ground. Stupid Gamemakers and their knots. I finally set the machete free and then someone shoves me to the ground and lands on top of me. I look up and see the face of Arabella Misk (8).

"Where's your boyfriend now?" she hisses at me, with a knife in her hand. Just as she is about to plunge it into my chest, her head flies off her shoulders. I scream and shield my eyes as Fabio (C) helps me up. His axe is bloody and I realize he beheaded Arabella (8). I look into his eyes and know he's the one. We run off with Hailey (13) towards the beach house. I don't know how this love triangle is going to live together, but I know Fabio is mine.

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

I pick up a rack of throwing knives and pick out the two sharpest. I throw one at Anthony (12) and it goes straight into his skull. I look to my left and see Sami (2) fighting Katrin (3). Katrin (3) is using a knife, and she doesn't seem too strong with it. I decide to let Sami (2) handle this herself. She has a knife of her own and lunges at Katrin (3). Katrin dodges and slices her knife into Sami's (2) arm. It comes clean off. Sami (2) screams in pain and clutches her arm.

"You sick bitch!" she screams.

Katrin (3) smiles wickedly and stabs her in the chest with a knife. Sami (2) falls to the ground and Katrin (3) runs away with some wire, a knife, and a backpack. I hope she dies soon.

Battleaxe Mason - District 13Edit

I see an axe on the other side of the Cornucopia.

"Go to the ocean," I order Lira (13) and Garret (11). They nod and run towards the beach area. I sprint over to the axe and pick it up. Then Amara (11) jumps on my back. "Get off you idiot!" I scream. She puts her hands around my neck and I fall back onto the ground, crushing her. I stand up and Amara (11) is gasping for air. "I told you to get off!" I say sarcastically before sending my axe into her chest. I take it out of her body and run towards the beach.

Dagger Kaylen - District 1Edit

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Five cannons sound, signaling the end of the bloodbath. Only five? That's a pretty low number.

I'm in the cove area, and I haven't seen any other tributes yet. I look around the cove. There is a small pool of water in the center, which looks like freshwater, and about four levels of rocks surrounding the pool to walk around on, with various passageways between the rock levels. I'm on the second level right now and I hear footsteps above me and two girls giggling.

"I think he's pretty cute," says one.

"No way, you're on drugs!" says the other. They both laugh and the footsteps disappear. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see an arrow flying towards my chest. It hits and I fall down, writhing in pain. The last thing I see before I black out is Lucas (9) walking over to retrieve his arrow from my body. BOOM


Antonia Clay - District 4Edit

I hate this arena. I hate these tributes. I want to be with Jason (4). Sami (2) and Amara (11) died, leaving us with a grand total of three careers: Me, Hex (2), and Jacob (2). I'm surprised we're still in control of the Cornucopia. It's really hot and sunny, so the three of us sit in the shady Cornucopia, admiring all of the weapons.

Norman Bolt - District 13Edit

Liza (7) and I walk up to the beach house.

"Norman, come here!" she whispers urgently. I walk over to the window she is looking in and see Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C) making out on a bed. "Should we kill them?" she asks.

"Um, I don't know. Isn't there another girl with them?" I ask. It's my sister that's with them, and she would be heartbroken if Fabio (C), even if he was kissing another girl. But I didn't want Liza (7) to know my reasons for not attacking them when they would be so off guard.

"Oh yeah, I think you're right. Let's just go on the edge of the forest where we can still watch the beach house," she suggests. I nod my head and we set up camp on the edge of the forest area.

Ashley Fretson - District 10Edit

Yuna (6) and I are on the beach near the ocean. There is another alliance all the way down, but they have three people and we aren't going to attack them with just us two.

"Yuna, do you think they'll allow two victors?" I ask.

"I don't know," Yuna replies, "But I hope it's more than one at least." We sit together, going through our supplies and watching the crisp blue waves crash against the shore. This truly is a beautiful place, and I've never seen the ocean before.

Xavier Woods - District 6Edit

It's getting dark out and I'm sitting on the top of the cove, watching the pool of water below me. I can hear two guys talking below me, but I can't tell what they're saying. I'm pretty sure it's Drake (6) and Hoe (11), but I could be wrong. Just as I nod off, the anthem begins to play and my eyes widen again. I see Dagger (1), Sami (2), Kirk (7), Arabella (8), Amara (11), and Anthony (12) in the sky. Wow. Two Careers and a girl from 1 dead on the first day. I might make it home after all.

Day 1 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 16-1
Maysilee Cresent 21-1
Jacob Latinee 7-1
Hex Servirior 9-1
Katrin Calix 15-1
Antonia Clay 10-1
Xavier Woods 23-1
Drake Johnson 22-1
Yuna Besaid 18-1
Kate McAllister 27-1
Liza Kay 14-1
Isabel Davids 21-1
Lucas Rayden 13-1
Ashley Fretson 41-1
Garret Houldy 13-1
Hoe Ritchie 26-1
Michelle Rhode 54-1
Laea Rail 48-1
Norman Bolt 13-1
Battleaxe Mason 4-1
Hailey Bolt 24-1
Lira Roberts 17-1

Day 2 - "You traitor!" - Hex ServiriorEdit

Norman Bolt - District 13Edit

It's still dark out when I wake up. I take my supplies, look at Liza (7) one last time, and run into the forest. I walk around for a bit and climb up in a tree, hoping my sister survives the day.

Hailey Bolt - District 13Edit

"Fabio, it's too dangerous," I say in protest. Fabio is telling Maysilee (C) and I about some insane plan his mentor made, and that he has to go to the Cornucopia.

"I have to do it," he tells us. Maysilee (C) sighs and plants a kiss on his cheek. I boil with anger and look away. "Hopefully I'll see you two soon," he says, walking down the path to the Cornucopia. Maysilee (C) and I go look for Liza (7) and my brother. Suddenly, a spear flies out of the forest and clips my shoulder. I scream in pain and Liza (7) jumps on top of me. She grabs a hold of my neck and I know I'm going to die. Just then, I hear a BOOM and her body goes limp. Maysilee (C) takes a machete out of Liza's (7) back and pushes her off me. Then, a parachute rains down. It's for Maysilee, and it's a bow and some arrows. I look at the sky waiting for my parachute, but nothing comes. I get angry once more. Maysilee (C) gets everything: a kill, a parachute, and most importantly, Fabio (C). If she didn't just save my life, I might have killed her already. Maysilee (C) and I walk into the forest, searching for Norman (13). My cut from Liza's (7) spear hurts really bad.

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

Parachutes just came down, and as each of us read our mentor's notes, all hell breaks loose at the Cornucopia. Smoke rises deep in the forest and I know it's a diversion.

"You traitor!" I shout at Antonia (4). She holds a spear up like she's going to attack me when Fabio (C) appears from the beach house. Jacob (2) is looking around like he doesn't know what's going on, but I think he's siding with Antonia (4) and Fabio (C). I back away from them and grab my throwing knife from my pack, holding it behind my back so they can't see. Just then, Michelle (11) and Laea (12) burst through the forest onto the sandy Cornucopia floor. I use the distraction as an opportunity and throw my knife at Antonia (4). BOOM She crumples to the ground and I sprint into the forest, not looking back.

Michelle Rhode - District 11Edit

"Go, go, go!" Fabio (C) shouts at Laea (12) and me. I grab some arrows, food, and water from the Cornucopia supply and Laea (12) grabs some of her own. Jacob (2) is standing there like an idiot, not knowing what to do. Fabio (C) leads Laea (12) and I to the beach house and we begin sprinting along the path. I look back to see Xavier (6) pop out from behind Jacob (2) and stab him with a spear. BOOM The sound of a cannon makes the three of us run even faster. We finally enter the beach house door and lock it. Laea (12) and I close all the curtains, and Fabio (C) shows us the food supply in the kitchen, and where we are going to sleep. It seems like a nice place.

"Where are Hailey and Maysilee?" Laea (12) asks.

"I don't know," Fabio (C) replies coolly, but I can tell he's nervous.

Isabel Davids - District 8Edit

Kate (6) and I received parachutes early in the morning. We are just sitting in the cove, looking at the pool of water below us. We saw Drake (6) and Hoe (11) walk towards the beach this morning, and Xavier (6) went towards the Cornucopia. Lucas (9) is still lurking around the cove somewhere, but he isn't bothering us at the moment.

Xavier Woods - District 6Edit

I didn't know how bad it would feel to kill another human being. Jacob (2) didn't deserve to die, but neither did I. I guess it was a do or die situation, because he would've seen me eventually. At least now I have the Cornucopia all to myself.

Hoe Ritchie - District 11Edit

Drake (6) and I have been watching Battleaxe (13), Lira (13), and Garret (11) all day, waiting for two of them to leave. Finally, it happens. Battleaxe (13) and Lira (13) take a stroll down the beach, leaving Garret (11) all alone guarding the supplies. Drake (6) and I creep up to him.

"He's from home," I whisper to Drake (6), "I can't kill him." Drake (6) nods and tiptoes up to Garret (11). Just as Garret (11) turns around, Drake (6) sends his spear flying into his chest. BOOM We run away immediately, fearing Battleaxe (13) and Lira (13) will come back.

Yuna Besaid - District 6Edit

All day, I have been exploring this ocean, looking for an island. I tied my raft to a rock on the shore using Ashley's (10) rope, and have been paddling all day. Just as it is getting dark, I see a figure in the distance. It looks like land.

"Ashley, I think I found something!" I yell to her excitedly.

"Come back. We'll go there tomorrow. It's too dark now," she shouts. She's right, so I paddle back to the shore, just in time to see the anthem play. Jacob (2), Antonia (4), Liza (7), and Garret (11) appear in the sky. So Hex (2) is the only Career left. I actually feel bad for her. Ashley (10) and I snuggle up together and I close my eyes.

Day 2 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 15-1
Maysilee Cresent 19-1
Hex Servirior 6-1
Katrin Calix 15-1
Xavier Woods 18-1
Drake Johnson 17-1
Yuna Besaid 17-1
Kate McAllister 26-1
Isabel Davids 20-1
Lucas Rayden 12-1
Ashley Fretson 37-1
Hoe Ritchie 24-1
Michelle Rhode 45-1
Laea Rail 40-1
Norman Bolt 12-1
Battleaxe Mason 4-1
Hailey Bolt 29-1
Lira Roberts 16-1

Day 3 - "What the hell happened to you guys?" - Fabio BatoneEdit

Katrin Calix - District 3Edit

A parachute rains down on me and I open it up to find a net and a spile. Now I can make the perfect bomb and actually drink water. I stick the spile into the tree I'm in and drink as it spills out. Then I climb down the tree and dig a hole in the ground. I gather some plants I know are flammable and put them in the hole. Then I put the net on top of that, so whoever steps on it will fall in and become entangled. Lastly, I set up a matches just under the net, so any friction will light it, causing the plants to ignite and blow up in the air. I step away from my bomb trap and smile in delight. It's good being from District 3.

Yuna Besaid - District 6Edit

"Ashley, now that I look again, I think it's just rocks in the distance," I inform Ashley (10).

"Let's go just in case. We don't have anything better to do," she reasons, getting on the raft. I hesitate. The ocean can be dangerous. I don't want to risk our lives for some rocks. But eventually I realize I can't say no to her, so I get on the raft. We paddle out towards the rocks and guess what? It turns out to be just rocks.

"Oh well," she said, and she began paddling back.

"Oh well?" I say angrily, "That's it? I'm sorry but we just wasted a lot of time when I said it was just rocks."

"Well what would we have done anyway? Sit on the beach and do nothing?" she shouts.

"It's too risky out here," I retort.

"Well nothing happened to us!" she yells. Just as she says that, a huge shark jumps out of the water and takes off Ashley's (10) arm and a chunk out of our raft. She screams in pain and I jump off the raft. "Yuna! Help! I can't swim!" she shouts pleadingly. I can feel my heart breaking as I see her trying to stay afloat with one arm. The shark is coming back, and I know what I have to do.

"I'm sorry Ashley," I say solemnly, looking into her eyes. As I swim away, I turn to see the shark leap at Ashley (10) and I quickly turn back. BOOM The sound of her cannon fills my ears as I reach the shore, exhausted. I sit down on the beach and begin sobbing. I'm a monster. It was bad enough that I let her die, but in the last minutes of her life, I argued with her. I'm a terrible person.

Lucas Rayden - District 9Edit

I creep around the cove with my newly acquired daggers and walk towards the female voices I hear. Right when I'm at the spot where I think I hear them, they aren't there. I get down on the ground and peer to the level of the cove beneath mine. There, I see Kate (6) and Isabel (8), chatting nonchalantly. They are too far away for me to jump down and kill them with my daggers before me noticing, but they are at an angle where I can't get either one with my bow and arrow. I explore the cove some more and find an entrance down to the second level. I think about my attack and realize I need to catch one of them off guard. But how?

Maysilee Cresent - CapitolEdit

"Take it, Hailey," I urge her.

"No, it's not for me," she says.

"Yes it is! My mentor even said so. Wanna read the note?" I say again.

"Ugh, fine," replies Hailey (13), finally giving in. She received her first parachute today, containing throwing knives, but no neosporin. Luckily, my sponsor sent some for her, and even though she wasn't happy about it, she needed that neosporin to stop an infection.

"I think we should go back," I say to Hailey (13).

"Not until we find Norman," she replies quickly.

"Looking for me?" says a voice from above. Hailey (13) and I look up at the tree next to us just as Norman (13) jumps down.

"Norman!" Hailey (13) shouts, "Thank God we found you!"

"Yeah, but I'm starving. Do you have any food?" he asks.

"We do back at the beach house," I cut in. We begin walking towards the beach house, when suddenly, Norman (13) falls in a hole.

"What the?" he says. Then the hole explodes, sending Hailey (13) and I flying backwards. BOOM Norman's (13) leg falls on my lap and I scream, pushing it off me. Hailey (13) is coughing up smoke and crying.

"I'm so sorry, but we need to get back," I tell her. She nods, not even looking up, and follows me back to the beach house.

Battleaxe Mason - District 13Edit

Lira (13) and I lost Garret (11) yesterday. To be honest, I'm not that sad. He was too dangerous to have around for long. Lira (13) and I are now in the forest, hunting for Hex (2). Suddenly, she jumps down from a tree and begins running.

"It's her!" Lira (13) shouts. I start running after Hex (2), but get tired quickly.

"I'm too hungry and thirsty. I haven't eaten or drank in three days and I don't know how much longer I can go," I tell Lira (13). She looks at me with those puppy dog eyes of her and I grab her and begin kissing her.

Laea Rail - District 12Edit

Fabio (C) has been putting rope and wire around the doors and windows of the beach house to prevent any intruders from breaking in. We hear footsteps on the wooden porch and then the doorbell rings four times.

"It's them," Fabio (C) tells Michelle (11) and me. He unties the rope from the doorknob and two dirty looking girls brust in. "What the hell happened to you guys?" Fabio (C) says laughing. Hailey (13) pushes him to the floor and stomps up the stairs, crying.

"Norman died," Maysilee (C) informs us. It's getting dark now, and the four of us sit outside under the stars. Hailey (13) stays upstairs in the house all night, and I'm glad. She wouldn't be happy with Maysilee (C) laying on Fabio's (C) chest all night. The anthem plays, and only two faces appear tonight: Ashley (10) and Norman (13). I wonder how much longer I'll be in this arena.

Day 3 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 14-1
Maysilee Cresent 17-1
Hex Servirior 5-1
Katrin Calix 10-1
Xavier Woods 16-1
Drake Johnson 16-1
Yuna Besaid 15-1
Kate McAllister 26-1
Isabel Davids 20-1
Lucas Rayden 11-1
Hoe Ritchie 23-1
Michelle Rhode 36-1
Laea Rail 31-1
Battleaxe Mason 5-1
Hailey Bolt 27-1
Lira Roberts 14-1

Day 4 - "I love you." - Hailey BoltEdit

Hoe Ritchie - District 11Edit

It's still dark outside when Drake (6) and I make our move to the cove. We dig a very deep hole and put a spear in it, facing up. Then, we make our way towards the cove. I just want to leave this place.

Yuna Besaid - District 6Edit

As I read the note from my mentor, my tear-stained eyes brighten up and I begin to smile. It feels good to know that I'm not really a bad person. I needed that. I get up, take all of my supplies, and head towards the cove.

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

I snicker and laugh when my parachute rains down and matches are in it. I quickly light them and ignite various plants and bushes. Then I sprint towards the beach house. As I run, I can hear a male voice scream "FIRE!" and a female voice scream "RUN!" I make it to the beach house and see the alliance is already leaving. They are walking down the steps, the girls with bows lighting their arrows. Quickly, I throw two knives at them. BOOM I hear one cannon, but two girls go down. Michelle (11) shoots a fire arrow at me, lighting up the bush behind me. I run away back towards the Cornucopia, fire arrows whizzing past my face.

Fabio Batone - CapitolEdit

"Fabio," Hailey (13) says weakly. Laea (12) just died and Hailey (13) got hit with a knife in the stomach.

"Hang on," I say, grasping her hand and watching the blaze of the forest in front of me.

"Fabio, listen to me," Hailey (13) says, this time much stronger. "I want you to forget about me. Forget I ever existed. Maysilee is the one for you. I should have never interfered. I want you to find a way that both of you can be victors, and live happily ever after like you two deserve. And maybe, just maybe, when you get older, you can tell your kids about me. I would love that." Hailey's (13) eyes close.

My eyes fill with tears. "Hailey, please!" I shout, "Don't die on me!"

"I love you," she says. BOOM I cling to Hailey's (13) dead body, and squeeze it tightly.

"Why are they playing the anthem now?" Michelle (11) asks. I look up at the sky to see the faces of two of my allies: Laea (12) and Hailey (13).

"I don't know," Maysilee (C) says between sniffles. A voice booms through the arena, but I don't pay attention. All I know is that Hex (2) will die soon. Very soon.

Xavier Woods - District 6Edit

"Greetings, tributes!" says Claudia Templesmith excitedly, "Now, I know you thought this arena would last until only one of you remained, but that is not the case. Now that half of you have died, we are taking you out of the arena and combining you with the fourteen surviving tributes of the other arena. Congratulations for making it this far and may the odds be ever in your favor!" The voice fades out and a bunch of hovercrafts come down, one right to me. I step on, and sit down in the back. Peacekeepers are driving. I can't believe I made it out of the arena, but I'm still not done yet.

Arena 2Edit

Day 5 - "I think there are polar bears in here." - Watt PowersEdit


Watt Powers - District 3Edit

I wave goodbye to my stylist as the tube closes and I rise up to the ground. The blinding sun makes my eyes shut. I reopen them to see and hear by surroundings. There is an arctic looking area to my right, a jungle to my left, a savannah in front of me, and a forest behind me. Then I see the signs. The arctic area is the only one I can read. It says "Polar Bear, Emperor Penguin, Arctic Fox" on it. Then I realize it. We're in a zoo.

Jonah Thompson - District 8Edit

The countdown continues, and each number pounds inside my head. The Cornucopia is on a dirt field, and there are four different regions all around us. I can hear various animal sounds all around me. I'm feeling a little worried.

Jamie Carpenter - District 5Edit

My head still hurts from the concussion. 5...4...3...3...1...GONG! I am startled by the gong, and react later than everyone else. I see Aliza (C) among the tributes rushing towards the Cornucopia, and I decide to go in. She grabs a bag and looks up. We lock eye contact, and just as I'm about to run, I feel a sharp pain in my back. I fall to the ground, coughing up blood. The last thing I see is Amber (1) pulling a spear out of my back.

Raden Harvestmoon - District 3Edit

Watt (3) and I run away from the bloodbath immediately without grabbing any supplies. The arctic area was the closest one to us, so we went in there and began running.

"I think there are polar bears in here," Watt (3) says fearfully as we run.

"Yeah, well there are 26 bloodthirsty tributes back there!" I reply angrily.

Copper Overdeen - District 1Edit

I pick up a sword and stab Jane (9) as she picks up a backpack. She crumples to the ground, dead, and I take my sword out of her body. I see Torianno (C) slice Flicks (8) in the chest with an axe, and Jonah (8) throw a knife into Nick's (12) head. We have some pretty good recruits.

Majono Kelsony - District 5Edit

"Alyss!" I shout. She looks up at me as she's digging through a backpack. "Go to the jungle!" She nods and begins sprinting into the jungle. I grab a pack and then get pushed to the ground. Kevin (10) pounces on top of me and pins me down with his knees.

"Sorry, but it looks like your little date in the jungle is about to be cancelled," he says menacingly. Kevin (10) raises a trident, and I knee him in the crotch.

His hands fly to his private and he begins shouting, "My balls! My balls!" I stab him in the chest with a knife and run away into the jungle.

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7Edit

Rowanne (9) and I quickly grab a backpack each and run away into the forest. I am so happy there's a forest, because it reminds me of home. As we are running, I see a sign that says "Hawks, Grizzly Bears, and Wolves". Uh oh.

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

I pick up a pack of throwing knives from near the center of the Cornucopia. Jason (4) throws an axe at me, but misses terribly. I throw a knife at him and hit him in the chest. I run towards the savannah when a hand reaches out and grabs my ankle. I fall to the ground, rip my ankle away, and look back. It's Bloom (5). She's laying on the ground, bloody and disfigured.

"Please help me," she begs. I look at her and I want to help her. But I can't. I turn away and continue into the savannah, only looking back to see Flash (1) finish her off with a knife. I try to shake the image of Bloom (5) out of my head. I pass a sign that reads "King Cobra, Lion, and Cheetah." Those are some fierce animals.

Ezrah Sherd - District 2Edit

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM The seven cannons end the bloodbath and I'm the only Career not to get a kill. All I can think about is Hex (2). She's in the other arena, and I wonder if she's still alive. I hope so. The remaining Careers: Torianno (C), Copper (1), Flash (1), Amber (1), myself, and Jonah (8) all go through the supplies at the Cornucopia.

"Am I the only girl?" Amber (1) asks, laughing.

"Yep," Jonah (8) replies. For some reason they begin cracking up, but I don't really see how it's that funny.


Emily Lunamoon - District 4Edit

Trever (4), Martin (5), Madeleine (10), and I are camped out in the jungle. We figured it's climate would be the closest to District 4's, and Martin (5) and Madeleine (10) would just have to make do. We are next to a sign that says, "Tiger, Poison Dart Frog, Gorilla". I'm guessing those animals are in this area, but I'm not entirely sure.

Aliza Marr - CapitolEdit

I'm alone and freezing in the arctic. I feel like killing myself. I better get something from my sponsor or I'll freeze to death.

Dack Lorio - District 9Edit

Lance (10) and I are still walking deeper and deeper into the forest.

"Can we please stop?" I ask wearily. Lance (10) looks around and nods.

"Sure," he mutters. I smile and plop down on the ground. Hopefully no one comes near us because I'm too tired to fight today.

Adullius Burshnack - District 7Edit

I can't find Bloom. I'm looking around the savannah desperately, but I can't find her anywhere. Suddenly, the anthem begins to play and my eyes go to the sky. I see Jason (4), Bloom (5), Jamie (5), Flicks (8), Jane (9), Kevin (10), and Nick (12) in the sky. I begin crying when Bloom (5) appears. She was so nice. Why did she have to die so young?

Day 5 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Torianno Falsetto 9-1
Aliza Marr 55-1
Copper Overdeen 3-1
Flash Skylar 8-1
Amber Agate 8-1
Ezrah Sherd 7-1
Watt Powers 70-1
Raden Harvestmoon 33-1
Trever Tewie 14-1
Emily Lunamoon 10-1
Majono Kelsony 13-1
Martin Meyers 33-1
Adullius Burshnack 21-1
Camellia Cyrellia 16-1
Jonah Thompson 11-1
Dack Lorio 18-1
Rowanne Tamela 44-1
Lance Thrust 61-1
Madeleine Levenhire 33-1
Sian Malley 10-1

Day 6 - "Why didn't I get a parachute?" - Martin MeyersEdit

Flash Skylar - District 1Edit

Two parachutes rain down on the Career camp, and one heads straight for me. I open it up, read the note, and put on the Night-Vision Glasses I received. I stand up and walk over to Copper (1). As I'm about to stab in the chest with a knife, a voice says, "I don't think so." Then, I feel a sharp object enter my head. The last thing I see is Jonah (8) with throwing axes in his hand and night-vision glasses on. Damn it. He has the other parachute. BOOM

Raden Harvestmoon - District 3Edit

The sound of a cannon wakes us up. Watt (3) and I read our mentor notes and take out our sponsor gifts.

"We have to keep moving," I tell him. Watt (3) groans as he picks up his supplies and walks with me through the arctic. Walking not only keeps us warm, but keeps us from getting attacked by other tributes.

Madeleine Levenhire - District 10Edit

When the parachutes came down on our alliance, only I got one.

"Why didn't I get a parachute?" Martin (5) whines.

"Because no one likes you," Trever (4) snaps back, obviously pissed off as well. I don't know if he's annoyed with Martin (5) or if he's upset about not getting a gift.

"I guess no one likes you either, because you didn't get one!" Martin (5) shouts.

"Oh yeah, then why is Emily (4) sleeping next to me at night? Because I'm gross like you?" Trever (4) shouts.

"That's it!" Martin (5) screams. He tackles Trever (4) to the ground and begins choking him. Emily (4) and I get into action and try to pull him off, but he's going at Trever (4) furiously. BOOM We finally got him off, but it's too late. He suffocated Trever (4).

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Emily (4) screams. Without giving Martin (5) a chance to answer, she puts her spear through his heart. BOOM Emily (4) sits down on the ground and begins sobbing. I go over and comfort her, but I'm a little scared. She just killed her supposed ally. "What have I done?" she moans.

"I would've done the same thing," I lie. She cries and cries and I'm starting to think I should have made better allies.

Rowanne Tamela - District 9Edit

Camellia (7) is on some sort of mission to get to the border of the arctic and the forest. We eventually reach there, and I lay down in the snow, tired from all the walking. The cold, soft snow feels so good on my body. Camellia puts some snow in a canteen and then goes back into the forest to melt it.

"Good idea," I say, thoroughly impressed with her. Camellia (7) smiles and then she begins making some sort of wire trap.

"Ok, let's hide behind the tree in case someone gets caught in this trap," Camellia (7) suggests. I listen and hide with her behind the tree.

Copper Overdeen - District 1Edit

Jonah (8) saved my life this morning from that traitor Flash (1). I hate the feeling of owing something to someone, but there's nothing I can really do now. We're all in a bad mood. There are only five of us left and we were supposed to dominate. But I guess we aren't.

Aliza Marr - CapitolEdit

I didn't receive anything from my sponsors, so I'm still here, literally freezing to death. I can't move, I think I have hypothermia, and I've already lost my fingers and toes to frostbite. Just then, a polar bear appears from behind a snow mound. I tense up, hoping it just ignores me. My prayers go unanswered, because the polar bear comes right to me. He opens his large mouth and I want to run away so bad but my body won't let me. I'm paralyzed as the bear chomps into my arm. The pain is terrible, but there is nothing I can do about it. I sit in terror and pain as the polar bear slowly eats me alive, counting the seconds until I die. BOOM

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

I'm walking through the savannah with a stick, to detect for any snakes, when I see Adullius (7) spinning around in a circle, saying his own name over and over again. I think he's gone officially insane. I cautiously walk towards him, but he doesn't even notice me. I take a knife out of my pack, and aim for his head. I throw it and he falls to the ground. BOOM I know I have to be a cold-blooded killer to win these things. But I don't want to be one.

Lance Thrust - District 10Edit

Dack (9) and I are just chilling today. Nothing much has gone on, and we haven't seen anyone. Suddenly, the anthem begins to play. Aliza (C), Flash (1), Trever (4), Martin (5), and Adullius (7) appear in the sky.

Day 6 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Torianno Falsetto 8-1
Copper Overdeen 3-1
Amber Agate 7-1
Ezrah Sherd 6-1
Watt Powers 60-1
Raden Harvestmoon 25-1
Alyss Shepherd 33-1
Emily Lunamoon 8-1
Majono Kelsony 13-1
Camellia Cyrellia 16-1
Jonah Thompson 9-1
Dack Lorio 18-1
Rowanne Tamela 34-1
Lance Thrust 54-1
Madeleine Levenhire 31-1
Sian Malley 8-1

Day 7 - "Sucks to be you!" - Copper OverdeenEdit

Madeleine Levenhire - District 10Edit

Parachutes fly down from the sky onto Emily (4) and me. Emily (4) gets some dried fruit and I get a bow and some arrows. Sweet.

"We should meet up with Alyss and Majono," Emily (4) suggests. I nod in agreement, and we walk through the jungle, keeping our eyes peeled for our new allies. Well hopefully our new allies. Suddenly, a hand clamps over my face. I try to scream but no sound comes out. My eyes are covered and I can hear two female voices screaming at someone else. I think they are saying mayonnaise, but I can't tell. BOOM The hand on me releases and I turn around to see the dead body of Majono (5) on the ground, with Emily's (4) spear through his heart.

"I'm sorry, Alyss, but he wasn't listening," Emily (4) says.

Alyss begins to cry. "I loved him!" she screams. She sits down on the ground and sobs in her hands, and I'm having deja vu. This literally happened yesterday, except with Emily (4) and Trever (4). I hope we are out of this arena soon.

Amber Agate - District 1Edit

"Only one more kill until the last arena," Copper (1) whispers in my ear. I nod.

"And?" I ask.

"Should we just kill one of them?" he asks. I contemplate this. On one hand, it would get us out of this dangerous, scary arena and safely into the next one. On the other hand, the other Careers might not trust us if we kill one of our own.

"Do what you want," I say. He looks at all of the Careers, eyeing them up. He seems locked in on Ezrah (2). Copper (1) struts over to Ezrah (2) and puts a sword in his back. BOOM "Sucks to be you!" Copper (1) shouts at his dead body. The Careers look at him like he's crazy, and then Claudia Templesmith's high-pitched voice comes into the arena.

"Congratulations, tributes! You have made it into the final area! Please get onto the hovercraft when they arrive momentarily. Thank you!" she says quickly. A hovercraft comes down and I am whisked back into the Capitol.

Quell Twist #2Edit

The President of Panem walks onto the stage. "Attention, citizens! As you all know, the tributes from both arenas are now being combined into one, final arena. There have been alliances formed, but hatred has formed as well. To test the tributes on their loyalty to a group, the tributes from each arena are now on a team against the tributes from the opposing arena. There is no limit to the number of victors. The only rule is that the opposing team must be completely wiped out in order for a team to win. Will the tributes be able to look past the cruelties of their former foes? Or will they seek vengeance no matter what the cost? Only time will tell. Thank you." The President leaves the stage and the tributes look at one another, confused, angry, and sad.

Arena 3Edit

Day 8 - "Run!" - Jonah ThompsonEdit


Fabio Batone - CapitolEdit

I wave goodbye to my stylist. Again. I can't believe the twist. Now I'm on the same team as Hex (2), who killed two of my allies. I know I can't kill her, but I really want to. I rise up from the platform and close my eyes before the blinding light forces me to. When I reopen them, I look around to see what looks like a ghost town. There are several buildings around, but it's all covered in brown dust. I don't see any water or signs of life besides the Cornucopia supplies. This would be a tough place to survive. 60...59...58...

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

Camellia (7) and Dack (9) are next to me on the starting platforms, so I know I have some insurance when the gong rings. I see a pack of throwing knives directly in front of me, a little ways in, and I know I'm going to get it. 30...29...28

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

5...4...3...2...1...GONG! I sprint off the platform, not paying attention to the tributes next to me. I'm the second one there, after Copper (1). I grab a throwing knife with a long blade and chuck it at the nearest person I see, hoping they aren't on my team. Luckily he is from Arena 2. I laugh as Dack (9) falls to the ground, dead.

Michelle Rhode - District 11Edit

I scramble to pick up two bows and two quivers of arrows. Lucas (9) already picked up his own, and I gave a bow and quiver to Maysilee (C). The three of us run to the outskirts of the Cornucopia and hide behind rocks. I shoot an arrow at Lance (10) and hit him right in the skull. His body slumps to the dusty ground. I look around me to see Watt (3) and Raden (3) running towards a building, and Camellia (7) and Rowanne (9) running into a separate building. I let them go because them leaving helps us to conquer the Cornucopia.

Battleaxe Mason - District 13Edit

I watch as Copper (1) slices the head off Isabel (8) in disgust. Her head flies towards Kate (6) and I'm pretty sure Kate (6) vomited.

"Hex!" I scream. She looks at me and I point towards Copper (1), "We have to get him!" She nods her head and we both charge at Copper (1), the biggest threat on the other team. It's strange to think that I was just trying to kill Hex (2), and now we are fighting together. Hex (2) reaches Copper (1) first and knocks the sword out of his hand. He punches her in the chest and she falls backwards. I take my axe and swing with all my might at Copper (1), and blood spurts out onto my face. He falls to the ground, and I see Jonah (8) watching in horror. Copper's (1) death basically gave us control of the Cornucopia.

"RUN!" Jonah (8) screams. Immediately, the Arena 2 tributes begin sprinting away from the Cornucopia towards the ghost town, some with supplies and some without. Lucas (9), Maysilee (C), and Michelle (11) continue firing arrows at them. Lucas (9) kills Torianno (C) and Maysilee (C) gets Alyss (3).

Xavier Woods - District 6Edit

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Six cannons sound, ending the bloodbath. The Arena 1 tributes begin to cheer and holler. We only lost Isabel (8) and we have complete control of the Cornucopia, while the other tributes lost 5 members and are scattered with little supplies. Katrin (3) begins reactivating the landmines around the Cornucopia, while Hex (2), Battleaxe (13), and Lira (13), the unelected leaders, tell everyone what to do and where to go.

"It's too dangerous for all of us to be here. We're sitting ducks," Lira (13) says, "So we have divided the groups up." We all look around in anticipation, hoping we are divided into groups with our closest allies. Except fro Kate (6), that is. She is still crying over Isabel's (8) death.

"Fabio, Maysilee, and Michelle!" Hex (2) announces, "You guys go into the old jail building down there." Hex (2) points to a large building about fifty yards away, towards where the Arena 2 tributes are. "Take whatever supplies you need and go!" The trio takes supplies and walks slowly to the jail building.

"Hoe, Drake, Lucas, and Kate!" Battleaxe (13) shouts, "You four make camp somewhere in the old cemetery to the left." Hoe (11) groans and I can tell they aren't thrilled about being in a creepy old cemetery. Who would be? The four selected tributes grab the supplies and make their way towards the cemetery.

"Everyone else can stay here," Lira (13) says. Phew. The three leaders, me, Katrin (3), and Yuna (6) get to stay at the Cornucopia.


Maysilee Cresent - CapitolEdit

I'm not really happy that I have to spend time closer to our enemies in a jail, but at least I'm with Fabio (C). Plus, we can always go back to the Cornucopia to get more supplies if we need to.

Lucas Rayden - District 9Edit

I hate being in the cemetery. It's spooky and I'm stuck with people I'm not really close to. I mean I'm not close with any of the tributes, but still.

"At least no one will come here," Drake (6) says. I nod, and he's right. No one in their right mind would come attack us here. Right?

Emily Lunamoon - District 4Edit

"And why should we let you camp with us? So you can turn on us again?" Jonah (8) shouts angrily.

"I didn't turn on you, and I have no reason to do so now," I reply.

"Guys, stop fighting!" Amber (1) yells, "We are all on a team now, and this kind of attitude is going to get us killed. It's 9v13 now and we need a plan to win!"

"Well Raden and Watt are in the food store," Jonah (8) says, "And that fatso is probably pigging out right now."

"I saw Camellia and Rowanne go into the laundromat," I say.

"OK, and us four are here," Madeleine (10) says. "Who's the last person?"

"Sian," we all say together. God only knows where she is.

"Tomorrow we should get everyone together and come up with some kind of plan," Madeleine (10) suggests. I nod in agreement and we all decide to go to sleep for tonight, while Amber (1) takes the first watch.

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

The anthem begins to play. I stare up at the sky and see Torianno (C), Copper (1), Alyss (3), Isabel (8), Dack (9), and Lance (10). Damn it. We're down five and they only lost one. I peer above the grave stone I'm hiding behind and see the Arena 1 tributes. Most of them are sleeping, but one is awake. I can tell because he keeps moving. I don't know whether I should attack him now or wait until daytime.

Day 8 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 12-1
Maysilee Cresent 15-1
Amber Agate 7-1
Hex Servirior 3-1
Watt Powers 50-1
Raden Harvestmoon 23-1
Katrin Calix 8-1
Emily Lunamoon 8-1
Xavier Woods 14-1
Drake Johnson 14-1
Yuna Besaid 13-1
Kate McAllister 22-1
Camellia Cyrellia 15-1
Jonah Thompson 9-1
Lucas Rayden 9-1
Rowanne Tamela 32-1
Madeleine Levenhire 29-1
Hoe Ritchie 21-1
Michelle Rhode 32-1
Sian Malley 7-1
Battleaxe Mason 3-1
Lira Roberts 12-1

Day 9 - "Not too bad." - Madeleine LevenhireEdit

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

A parachute quietly falls to the sky, not even making the typical beeping noise that alerts when it comes. I guess it doesn't do that at night or I just got lucky. I quickly open the parachute from behind a gravestone. I hope "Ethel Rogers" doesn't mind that I'm using her as a shield. I open up the parachute and find bread, water, and night-vision glasses. Just what I need. I take a bite of the bread, a swig of water, and put on the glasses. Suddenly, I can see all around me. Lucas (9), Drake (6), Kate (6), and Hoe (11) are all in the cemetery as well. Lucas (9) and Drake (6) are off in the distance looking around, while Kate (6) and Hoe (11) are just sitting. I think Kate (6) is sleeping. I know I can only kill one of them before I make my escape. Hoe (11) seems like a bigger threat than Kate (6). I take a knife out of my pack, its shiny metal glinting in the pale light from the rising sun. I aim my knife and snap my wrist, releasing it. It flies through the air and I begin fleeing towards the Cornucopia. BOOM I know I got a kill.

Fabio Batone - CapitolEdit

Michelle (11), Maysilee (C), and I crept over towards the grocery store. We could hear the voices of Raden (3) and Watt (3) inside.

"When?" I ask quietly.

"Now!" hisses Michelle (11). I take the rock in my hand and throw it at a window in the grocery store. Immediately, the glass shatters and I can hear the District 3 boys scrambling. Maysilee (C) and Michelle (11) wait at the front door, but I hear a different door open.

"They went out the back!" I yell. Maysilee (C) races through the store and Michelle (11) goes around the outside. I hear a BOOM and my two allies come back.

"I got him," Maysilee (C) says, "Watt was too slow, but Raden got away."

Rowanne Tamela - District 9Edit

Camellia (7) and I begin searching the laundromat, trying to find something that would blow up.

"Found it!" Camellia (7) yells, holding up a can of gasoline.

"Why is that here?" I ask.

"I guess it's to power the washers and dryers. I dunno," Camellia (7) says, shrugging. We walk out of the laundromat, grabbing our supplies. The single house in this ghost town is right across from us, and I can see a few tributes from our Arena talking and laughing through the window. They were Careers and they weren't even doing the killing. Camellia (7) and I begin sprinting towards the Cornucopia, arrows from the jail whizzing past us. Yuna (6) begins running away from the Cornucopia, straight towards us. I don't think she sees us in the dark night. Camellia (7) pulls out her sword and chases after Yuna (6). I hear a scream, and a BOOM. Camellia (7) walks towards the Cornucopia with a bloody sword, when I feel an arrow enter my neck. BOOM

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

I'm hiding just outside of the Cornucopia, and it's getting lighter every minute. I'm going to need to move soon, but I need a diversion. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Camellia (7) sprinting towards the Cornucopia. She throws a can at it, and it lands near one of the mines. Hex (2) and Katrin (3) run into the cemetery on the opposite side of where I am. Nothing happens. Xavier (6) and Battleaxe (13) emerge from the Cornucopia to see what Camellia (7) threw. I guess Lira (13) stayed in there. I see a small rock to my right and pick it up. Why not? I think to myself. I chuck the rock at a landmine and my world turns to red. BOOM BOOM

Camellia Cyrellia - District 7Edit

The explosion sends me flying backwards. Two cannons sounded just as it happened, and I knew I was a part of those two kills. Sian (12) begins running towards me from behind the Cornucopia and we take off to a building labeled "Hospital".

"Did you set that off?" I ask her.

"Yeah, what'd you throw?" she asks me.

"Gasoline," I say. Sian (12) throws her head back laughing and we walk into the hospital. We both have minor burns and a few cuts from the explosion, so we use the various medicines and bandages in the hospital. I lay down on a bed and close my eyes, taking a much needed nap.

Lira Roberts - District 13Edit

My eyes flutter open and I see a charred Cornucopia surrounding me. What was once a beautiful gold color is now black. But it saved my life. I walk out of the Cornucopia, feeling a huge bump on my head and a gash on my leg. How long was I out for?

"Battleaxe? Xavier? Hex? Katrin?" I call out. No one answers. Then I hear footsteps. I run back inside the Cornucopia and hide, knowing I am going to die. All of the supplies are ruined and I have no allies here.

"Lira?" calls a voice. I stick my head out and see Hex (2) and Katrin (3) standing there, both of them covered with ash.

"Thank God you're okay," I say, "Have you seen Battleaxe?"

"Him and Xavier died," Katrin (3) tells me, staring at the ground. I burst into tears and pound my fist on the ground. I told him not to check what landed near us. But he did anyway.

Jonah Thompson - District 8Edit

Night begins to fall once again. There were a whole bunch of cannons early in the morning, but nothing during the day happened. The anthem starts, and we all step outside to see who died today. Watt (3), Xavier (6), Yuna (6), Rowanne (9), Hoe (11), and Battleaxe (13) appear in the sky. 2 from our arena and 4 from theirs.

"Not too bad," Madeleine (10) says. She's right. Not too bad at all..

Day 9 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 11-1
Maysilee Cresent 13-1
Amber Agate 7-1
Hex Servirior 4-1
Raden Harvestmoon 23-1
Katrin Calix 9-1
Emily Lunamoon 8-1
Drake Johnson 14-1
Kate McAllister 22-1
Camellia Cyrellia 9-1
Jonah Thompson 9-1
Lucas Rayden 9-1
Madeleine Levenhire 29-1
Michelle Rhode 28-1
Sian Malley 3-1
Lira Roberts 13-1

Day 10 - "Idiot, you're going to die!" - Katrin CalixEdit

Lira Roberts - District 13Edit

I wake up to the sound of a beeping parachute landing gently on the ground beside me. Hex (2) and Katrin (3) wake up as well. I read my mentor's note and smile in awe of his amazing plan. Then I pull out a shiny axe and eat some dried meat and drink some water.

"Guys, read this!" I say excitedly. Hex (2) and Katrin (3) walk over on their knees towards me and read the note.

"Wow, that's a great idea. We have to get the rest of the tributes from our arena together," Hex (2) says confidentally. The three of us gather our gifts and head into the cemetery towards Drake (6), Kate (6), and Lucas (9).

"Hey guys, read this note and tell us if you want in," I tell them. The three tributes perk up and hustle over to me.

After reading it, Lucas (9) says, "I'm in!"

"Me too," Kate (6) chimes in.

"Not me, I'm going to the hospital to kill some tributes," Drake (6) says, "Bye." He begins walking away.

"Idiot, you're going to die!" Katrin (3) shouts at me. He sticks up his middle finger and turns back around. "Give me that!" Katrin (3) yells at Hex (2), taking a knife from her pack. She holds it up in the air.

"NO!" we all shout. But it's too late. She whips the knife at Drake's (6) back and he falls to the ground. BOOM I want to shout "What's wrong with you!" but I'm scared she'll kill me too. We begin walking towards the jail to meet up with the rest of our allies when Lucas's (9) body collapses. BOOM A shadowy figure starts running and surpisingly, Kate (6) blows a dart at the figure and hits his neck. BOOM She runs over to the mysterious killer and shouts, "It's Raden!"

Michelle Rhode - District 11Edit

There's a knock on the jail entrance and we hear the voices of our allies telling us to open it. I walk over to the door, while Maysilee (C) and Fabio (C) continue their makeout session in the corner of the room. I open the door and Hex (2) comes barging in. She trips on the rope we put up near the door and falls flat on her face. We all burst into laughter as Hex (2) stands up with her fists clenched and her eyes full of anger.

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you about the trap rope!" I say quickly. Her eyes narrow and I turn my attention to Lira (13).

"Read this note and tell me if you're in," she says. I read the note and realize it's genius.

"I'm in!" I say, "And so are Fabio and Maysilee, whether they like it or not." They both look up from their little love corner and nod their heads. "Let's go!" I shout. They stand up and read the note, nodding their heads in agreement.

"We're going to the house now," Katrin (3) orders, and we follow her down the path.

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

"We have to warn them!" I yell at Camellia (7).

"Why? Why should we risk our own lives for them?" she shouts back.

"Because we can't win without them. The two of us can't kill like nine of them," I retort.

"FINE!" she yells once more, "But when we die, it's YOUR fault!" I burst out of the hospital door and Camellia (7) follows. We run over to the house and I knock on the door.

"It's Sian and Camellia," I whisper. The door swings open and Emily (4) stands in front of it.

"What?" she asks.

"The Arena 1 tributes are coming. You guys need to get out of here now," I say urgently.

"No, we're not leaving. Madeleine is setting up wire around the doors and we are safe here," she says.

"Come on!" I yell.

"No, we're not leaving," Emily (4) says a matter of factly.

"Screw this," I hear a male voice say in the background. Jonah (8) stands up and walks out the door with Camellia (7) and me.

"Smart decision," Camellia (7) says. Emily (4) slams the door in our faces. "Now let's get going before they come." Just as Camellia finishes saying that, and arrow comes whizzing through the air, right into her chest. BOOM

"They're here," I say to Jonah (8), "RUN!"

Maysilee Cresent - CapitolEdit

I just killed Camellia (7), but two of her allies got away.

"Let's go," Lira (13) says. We head towards the house, one by one. Hex (2) and Katrin (3) stay in the front with Lira (13). Fabio (C), me, and Kate (6) are the second attack team hiding near the back door of the house. Michelle (11) is basically the noisemaker.

"Remember that guava is the help word," Hex (2) says as we walk towards the back of the house. Why guava? Fabio (C), Kate (6), and I set up behind the back door, ready to pounce on any tributes that try to escape from here. We hear strange noises from the front of the house.

"What the hell is Michelle doing?" Fabio (C) asks confused. I begin to giggle when I hear the front door to the house open. BOOM

"Got Madeleine!" Lira (13) shouts. She said she would yell whenever one of us got a kill. Michelle (11) continues to make her strange animal noises, but no one else comes.

"I think we should go in now," Kate (6) whispers. I agree. We bust through the door and see Amber (1) hiding behind the couch. Fabio (C) throws his axe at her. BOOM

"Emily's still in here," Michelle (11) says. We're all in the house now. "I'll check upstairs." Michelle (11) walks up the steps and we examine the living room.

"Do you smell burning?" Lira (13) asks.

"FIRE!" I scream. The whole wall facing the hospital is up in flames. Everyone runs out of the house and towards the jail.

"What about Michelle?" Fabio (C) yells as we're running.

"Hopefully she'll make it out in time," I say. We reach the jail and slam the door behind us. I sit on the ground, out of breath from the running we just did.

Michelle Rhode - District 11Edit

I can hear the crackling of flames below me. I got my foot caught between a bed and the wall, and I can't get it out. "Help!" I shout, "Help!"

Emily Lunamoon - District 4Edit

I can feel the smoke in my lungs as I fiddle with the closet door. I've been hiding in here the whole time, and now I can't get the lock open. I give it one last jiggle and the door opens. Smoke rushes into my eyes and I can see flames in front of me. I'm coughing like crazy and I can faintly here someone yelling "Help" from upstairs. Even if I wanted to help them, I would probably die from smoke inhalation. I stumble through the inferno of what used to be a house and finally find the back door. I literally fall down the steps, breathing in the fresh air. I turn around and see the old, wooden house collapse in front of me. BOOM I guess that girl shouting help died.

Jonah Thompson - District 8Edit

Sian (12) and I are in the grocery store, eating all the food we can find. She burned the house down with her fire knives, and I am surprised by her skills. She really should have been a Career recruit like me. The anthem starts to play and I rush to a window and stare at the sky. Amber (1), Raden (3), Drake (6), Camellia (7), Lucas (9), Madeleine (10), and Michelle (11) appear in the sky. We lost four and they lost three. Not that bad, but we only have three left, and who knows where Emily (4) is.

"Good night," I say to Sian (12).

"Night," she whispers back.

Day 10 OddsEdit

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 9-1
Maysilee Cresent 11-1
Hex Servirior 4-1
Katrin Calix 7-1
Emily Lunamoon 7-1
Kate McAllister 19-1
Jonah Thompson 8-1
Sian Malley 3-1
Lira Roberts 9-1

Day 11 - "We could win this thing." - Sian MalleyEdit

Katrin Calix - District 3Edit

It's still dark out when Fabio (C) wakes us all up.

"We have to get out of the jail. They probably know where we are," he says.

"I'm not going. We're safe in here," Kate (6) responds.

"No, Fabio's right. We have to leave right now," Maysilee (C) says.

"You're only siding with him because you're his girlfriend," I say snappily.

"Fine, you guys can stay here and die. We're leaving," Maysilee (C) says. Lira (13) follows them out the door, and Hex (2) looks back at Kate (6) and me. We've grown quite close, and I know she'll stay with us.

"I'm sorry, Katrin, but I have to go," she says before running out of the jail. I sit in shock. My best friend just left me. I almost begin to cry, but then anger sets in.

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

Jonah (8) and I read our mentor notes and I take the paddles out of the parachute I got. We walk stealthily over to the jail, and hide behind a tree when we see a group of them walking towards the cemetery, right past us.

"One two three four of them," Jonah (8) whispers, counting, "That means two are still inside." We tiptoe to the wooden jail and set the paddles down against the wall.

"I'll go put rope around the door, you light the paddles," I tell Jonah (8), handing him the matches.

"Sounds good," he says. I rush to the entrance of the jail and tie a rope around the door. It criss-crosses all the way up to the top and they are virtually trapped in there.

I hear the crackle of wood burning, and Jonah (8) and I run towards the laundromat.

Kate McAllister - District 6Edit

I'm laying on the cot in a jail cell, and Katrin (3) is just sitting in the corner. She's seemed sad ever since the other four left us.

I sniff in the air. "Do you smell that?" I ask her.

"Smell what?" she replies.

"It-it's like...burning wood," I say. Suddenly, the wall to the jail by Katrin (3) bursts into flames and collapses on top of her. BOOM I scurry out of my cot and head to the front door. The flames are spreading like crazy and the back of my legs are on fire. I open the door and run out, but there are a bunch of ropes blocking the way. The fire has caught onto my clothes by now. I can feel the heat surging through my body and I can smell my burning flesh. My hair is on fire now and I'm screaming for one of my teammates to come help me. But none of them come. BOOM

Jonah Thompson - District 8Edit

Sian (12) and I are sitting and talking when the laundromat door creaks open. We grab our weapons and peer at it. In walks Emily (4).

"You scared me," I say. She giggles and walks toward us.

"I set a net trap outside, so hopefully someone gets stuck in it," she says. We all sit down and stay quiet for a while.

"We could win this thing," Sian (12) says, breaking the silence, "There's three of us and four of them, and we're stronger than they are." She's right. We could win.

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

I nibble on some of the dried meat Lira (13) shared with me when Claudia Templesmith's voice booms through the arena. It's going to be a feast.

"Attention tributes! As you know, this would typically be the time for a feast. However, there will not be a feast during the 225th Annual Hunger Games. Instead, we are making another rule change. In addition to completely wiping out the opposing team, there is another way for a tribute to win. If both teams have the same amount of tributes at any time, the remaining tributes will all be crowned victors. Can you work with your foes to survive? Or will you obliterate the enemy and keep harmony within your own team? It's all up to you. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Lira (13) and I look at one another, and Maysilee (C) and Fabio (C) look at each other.

"Let's hope two of their tributes died," Lira (13) says cheerfully, "Then we can all team up to kill the last one and Arena 1 wins!" We all nod, waiting for the anthem to play. I pray to see Sian (12), Jonah (8), or Emily (4) in the sky. The anthem starts up and I stare at the sky in anticipation. First up is Katrin (3). Damn it. There's still hope that one of them died and it's five on two. But my hopes are shot when Kate's (6) face appears in the sky. Now it's four against three, and all three of their tributes are stronger than Fabio (C), Maysilee (C), and Lira (13). We would all have a better chance if one of us died. Lira (13) scoots over to me, and Maysilee (C) to Fabio (C). It's like two vs two now, and I don't know how this is going to end.

Tribute Odds
Fabio Batone 8-1
Maysilee Cresent 10-1
Hex Servirior 3-1
Emily Lunamoon 5-1
Jonah Thompson 6-1
Sian Malley 2-1
Lira Roberts 8-1

Day 12 - The FinaleEdit

Fabio Batone - CapitolEdit

I wake up and nudge Maysilee (C). She opens her eyes and I point at Lira (13) and Hex (2), sleeping about twenty yards away.

"Should we get 'em?" I ask. Before Maysilee (C) can respond, Lira (13) and Hex (2) begin running away to the remaining buildings in the ghost town. The jail was still smoldering, but the fire wasn't spreading.

"I guess not yet," Maysilee (C) says sheepishly, still half asleep. I sit close to her and wrap my arm around her waist. She sits up and puts her head on my shoulder.

"Today will be our last day here," I say.

"Will we be dead or alive tomorrow?" Maysilee (C) asks me.

"Alive," I say reassuringly, although I'm not confident in that fact. A parachute rains down for Maysilee (C) and it contains paddles and a net, great for defense.

"Let's do this!" she says.

Jonah Thompson - District 8Edit

Sian (12) and I wake up simultaneously, and Emily (4) is gone. I'm surprised she didn't kill us, but then again, what advantage would that give her? They would just kill her and win.

"So who should we go after?" I ask her. Suddenly, Hex (2) and Lira (13) burst through the laundromat door, huffing and puffing.

"We want an alliance," Lira (13) says through breaths. I look at Sian (12) and she nods excitedly.

"Sure, who are we going after?" I ask them.

"Fabio and Maysilee. And if we need to, Emily," Hex (2) says with a wicked grin.

"Sounds good to me!" Sian (12) remarks. We exit the laundromat door, discussing the battle plan.

Emily Lunamoon - District 4Edit

I peer out the window of the hospital's second floor. Hex (2), Lira (13), Sian (12), and Jonah (8) are walking by, towards the cemetery. I aim my spear at Lira (13). She's the easiest target, and if I kill her, we all win. I still don't understand why Sian (12) or Jonah (8) kills one of them. I throw my spear, shattering the glass. The noise alerts the alliance, and they all dive to the ground. My spear lands next to Lira (13), but I missed her. Damn it. I run away from the window, weaponless. I hide behind a cabinet near the entrance. The door creeps open and Hex (2) walks in. I pounce on top of her, my hands around her neck. Just when I am about to strangle her, Lira's (13) axe enters my back. BOOM

Maysilee Cresent - CapitolEdit

Fabio (C) and I hear the cannon, and anxiously await for the trumpets to sound, praying either Hex (2) or Lira (13) died. But the trumpets don't sound, and we realize that two Arena 1 tributes or two Arena 2 tributes have to die now. And then we realize it's four against two.

"We can do this," Fabio (C) says, "We just have to go after either Hex and Lira or Sian and Jonah. Killing one of each does us no good."

"You're right. There's a small chance Hex and Lira will come back to us, though, so I think we should go after Sian and Jonah and hope they join with us," I tell him. He nods, and then I see his pupils dilate. He points grimly in the distance, and I see four figures walking in the distance towards us, armed with weapons.

"Fuck," Fabio (C) says, and I would've laughed if I wasn't about to die.

Sian Malley - District 12Edit

"I see them!" Jonah (8) shouts excitedly. He points to two figures fleeing in the distance.

"Let's go Hex, we're faster than they are. Let's catch up to them!" I say. We all begin sprinting towards Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C), Hex (2) and I taking the lead as Lira (13) and Jonah fall behind. As we get closer, Fabio (C) and Maysilee (C) stop runnning and begin taking out their paddles and weapons for defense and offense respectively. I throw a knife at Fabio (C) and it gets stuck in his paddle. Maysilee (C) shoots an arrow and it flies past me. Hex (2) throws a knife at her, and she ducks, narrowly missing it. Lira (13) and Jonah (8) finally catch up, and Jonah throws an axe at Fabio (C). It hits his chest and he falls to the ground. Maysilee (C) releases an arrow and it hits me in the stomach. I collapse in pain, and my allies quickly take the instant relief from my backpack.

"Hex, watch them. Maysilee is probably doing the same thing to Fabio right now," I whisper as Lira (13) feeds me the warm yellow liquid. I pull the arrow out of my stomach and I instantly feel better. BOOM I immediately stand up and see Maysilee's (C) body on the ground with a knife in it. Hex's (2) knife.

"How could you?!?!" Fabio (C) screams, hovering Maysilee's (C) body. He charges at Hex (2), but he's too full of rage to act rationally. Hex (2) easily sidesteps his attack and barrels into Jonah (8). Fabio (C) raises his axe to kill Jonah (8), when Lira (13) dives and knocks Fabio (C) off of him. Lira (13) and Fabio (C) begin wrestling on the ground with their axes. BOOM

Hex Servirior - District 2Edit

Sian (12), Jonah (8), and I nervously gather around Fabio (C) and Lira (13). Both are bloody and both aren't moving.

"The trumpets would've sounded by now," Jonah (8) says nervously. Then, as if on cue, the trumpets sound and Lira (13) opens her eyes and smiles.

"Congratulations, Victors of the 225th Annual Hunger Games! Hex Servirior of District 2, Jonah Thompson of District 8, Sian Malley of District 12, and Lira Roberts of District 13, please step on the hovercraft that will transport you to the Capitol," Claudia Templesmith announces, her voice echoing throughout the ghost town. We push Fabio's (C) body off Lira (13) and help her up. She has a gash on her stomach, but the Capitol doctors will be able to fix that. The four of us hug each other so tightly I can't breath. The hovercraft flies down from the sky, and I take one more look at the ghost town. 24 tributes have died in this horrible, horrible place. But not me. I survived. I suppress a smile and stand on the platform, which rises up into the hovercraft.

"I won," I whisper.

Post-Games InterviewEdit

Corey: Citizens of Panem, please welcome the Victors of the 225th Annual Hunger Games, Hex Servirior, Jonah Thompson, Sian Malley, and Lira Roberts! *crowd geos crazy*

So, we'll start with you, Hex. How does it feel to become victor?

Hex: It feels amazing. I thought I was going to win before the Games started, but being the only surviving Career in my arena gave me serious doubts. If it wasn't for those two twists, I don't think I would've won.

Corey: Speaking of the twists, Jonah, which was your favorite and least favorite twist?

Jonah: Well, Corey, at first I thought the twist where we were separated into teams was going to be great, since we had the majority of the Careers, but it turned out to be not so good. My favorite twist was the last one, because we got to team up with the other Arena's tributes, which I loved.

Corey: Now that we are talking about other tributes, Lira, who's deaths were particularly difficult for you?

Lira: Battleaxe's death was the hardest for me personally, especially because I felt it was partly my fault. I told him to stay in the Cornucopia, but he didn't listen. I really loved him and wish he was still alive. But Fabio and Maysilee were hard to kill as well. We were such great friends until the last day, and it was tough to actually fight against them.

Corey: The last question is for Sian. Sian, going into the Games again, would you use the same "going solo" strategy you used in the first arena and beginning of the final arena?

Sian: Actually, Corey, I wouldn't. Although I did well alone, I've learned to love others and to work with other people, like Jonah. I felt my strongest when I was in an alliance, whether it be that short partnership with Camellia or the long-term team with Jonah. You can't win the Hunger Games alone, which is a major reason as to why Emily died at the end.

Corey: Thank you all so very much! Enjoy your life in the Victor's Village!

Death ChartEdit

Arena 1Edit

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
56 Kirk Frelt 1 Drake Johnson Snapped Neck
55 Arabella Misk 1 Fabio Batone Beheaded by Axe
54 Anthony Webb 1 Hex Servirior Knife in Skull
53 Sami Freemont 1 Katrin Calix Knife in Chest
52 Amara Airess 1 Battleaxe Mason Axe in Chest
51 Dagger Kaylen 1 Lucas Rayden Arrow in Chest
50 Liza Kay 2 Maysilee Cresent Machete in Back
49 Antonia Clay 2 Hex Servirior Knife in Chest
48 Jacob Latinee 2 Xavier Woods Spear in Back
47 Garret Houldy 2 Drake Johnson Spear in Head
46 Ashley Fretson 3 Shark Eaten
45 Norman Bolt 3 Katrin Calix Blown Up
44 Laea Rail 4 Hex Servirior Knife in Head
43 Hailey Bolt 4 Hex Servirior Knife in Stomach

Arena 2Edit

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
42 Jamie Carpenter 5 Amber Agate Spear in Back
41 Jane Skye 5 Copper Overdeen Sword in Stomach
40 Flicks Marvel 5 Torianno Falsetto Axe in Chest
39 Nick Lovizio 5 Jonah Thompson Knife in Head
38 Kevin Quince 5 Majono Kelsony Knife in Chest
37 Jason Clearwater 5 Sian Malley Knife in Chest
36 Bloom Winterlake 5 Flash Skylar Knife in Stomach
35 Flash Skylar 6 Jonah Thompson Axe in Head
34 Trever Tewie 6 Martin Meyers Suffocated
33 Martin Meyers 6 Emily Lunamoon Spear in Heart
32 Aliza Marr 6 Polar Bear Eaten Alive
31 Adullius Burshnack 6 Sian Malley Knife in Head
30 Majono Kelsony 7 Emily Lunamoon Spear in Heart
29 Ezrah Sherd 7 Copper Overdeen Sword in Back

Arena 3Edit

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Dack Lorio 8 Hex Servirior Knife in Chest
27 Lance Thrust 8 Michelle Rhode Arrow in Head
26 Isabel Davids 8 Copper Overdeen Decapitated by Sword
25 Copper Overdeen 8 Battleaxe Mason Axe in Back
24 Torianno Falsetto 8 Lucas Rayden Arrow in Back
23 Alyss Shepherd 8 Maysilee Cresent Arrow in Neck
22 Hoe Ritchie 9 Sian Malley Knife in Head
21 Watt Powers 9 Maysilee Cresent Arrow in Skull
20 Yuna Besaid 9 Camellia Cyrellia Sword in Stomach
19 Rowanne Tamela 9 Michelle Rhode Arrow in Neck
18 Xavier Woods 9 Sian Malley and Camellia Cyrellia Exploded
17 Battleaxe Mason 9 Sian Malley and Camellia Cyrellia Exploded
16 Drake Johnson 10 Katrin Calix Knife in Back
15 Lucas Rayden 10 Raden Harvestmoon Knife in Back
14 Raden Harvestmoon 10 Kate McAllister Dart in Neck
13 Camellia Cyrellia 10 Maysilee Cresent Arrow in Chest
12 Madeleine Levenhire 10 Lira Roberts Axe in Heart
11 Amber Agate 10 Fabio Batone Axe in Chest
10 Michelle Rhode 10 Sian Malley Burned Alive
9 Katrin Calix 11 Jonah Thompson and Sian Malley Collapsed Building
8 Kate McAllister 11 Jonah Thompson and Sian Malley Trapped and Burned
7 Emily Lunamoon 12 Lira Roberts Axe in Back
6 Maysilee Cresent 12 Hex Servirior Knife in Chest
5 Fabio Batone 12 Lira Roberts Axe in Heart
Victor Hex Servirior --------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
Victor Jonah Thompson --------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
Victor Sian Malley --------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------
Victor Lira Roberts --------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------


Sian Malley and Jonah Thompson got married. Jonah moved to District 12 to help Sian with the orphanage she built with the money from the Games. Sian and her friend Nicole Jacobson were the owners of the orphanage, and it helped any child in District 12 who was poor and did not have any parnets.

Hex Servirior became a nice girl once again, and founded a cancer treatment center with the money from the Games. She named it afte her brother, Jinx, who died of cancer. Jinx Cancer Center is currently the number one cancer center in all of Panem, even beating out Capitol Cancer Center.

Lira Roberts reconciled with her parents. She moved back in with them and her dog. Lira's parents eventually died, and she met and fell in love with a man named Tyler. Lira and Tyler got married, and they had two little boys. She named one Battleaxe and one Mason after her first love, Battleaxe Mason.


  • These Games are the only quell where the District 1 males died on different days.
The 225th Hunger Games
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Top 8 Fabio BatoneMaysilee CresentEmily LunamoonKate McAllister
Top 16 Katrin CalixMichelle RhodeAmber AgateMadeleine LevenhireCamellia CyrelliaRaden HarvestmoonLucas RaydenDrake Johnson
Top 25 Battleaxe MasonXavier WoodsRowanne TamelaYuna BesaidWatt PowersHoe RitchieAlyss ShepherdTorianno FalsettoCopper Overdeen
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