Amity Olivander
Amity olivander
General Information
Age 17
Home Capitol
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Alive
Appearances 201st Hunger Games onward

Amity "Amy" Olivander was the Capitol female from Cloveismywife's 201st Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Pip Pocket. Overall, she placed 1st out of 28, becoming a victor.


She is peaceful and kind. She hates any kind of conflict whatsoever and will decieve to keep the waters calm. She is loving and very friendly. Amity is also very caring and sweet to her friends and family, and gets attached quite easily to people. She also has a certain girlish quality about her, even though she is relatively old.


She has light blonde hair with light pink parts at the edges. She has light blue eyes that almost seem purple. She has a pernament smile with upturned lips and high cheekbones. Basically attractive.

Training scoreEdit

201st Hunger Games: 5


Amity stayed on her pedestal as long as she could without being killed.  Pip gathered her up and the two of them ran out into the forest.  She spent time painting her hair so it would blend in with the arena when she heard a cannon.  She quickly ran to see Pip, who had a bloody dagger in his hands, and he delivered the news that he had killed Elana Melody.  The two of them went out to make a kill when they spotted two figures sitting in a tree.  Amity shot one, and the body of Detria Glace fell out of the tree.  Lavender fired darts at Amity and Pip, but the two narrowly escaped.  There were a feast but neither of them participated. Then, they were called to the final battle.  The Cornucopia area rose above the rest of the arena, and Amity hid with Pip.  They watched as Ana Shadowsinger shot an arrow into Teff Levigne's temple.  He was the first fatality of the final day.  Sarina avenged Teff's death by killing Ana.  Pip threw a dagger into Sarina's stomach, and she died.  Before Sarina died, she threw the dagger into Pip's leg.  He was severely injured, and he begged Amity to push him off, so he wouldn't have anymore pain.  And she did.  That left the final two there: her and Lavender.  After a brutal fight, Amity managed to throw Lavender off the platform, even though she really didn't want to.  She was then proclaimed victor of the 201st Hunger Games.


Detria Glace, Pip Pocket, and Lavender Tonic


Pip Pocket


She was claimed victor, as she was the only tribute left standing.  She mentored the Capitol tributes at least until the Vengeance Games occured.


  • She was based around the faction Amity from Divergent.
  • Even though her nickname was Amy, no one in the games called her Amy.
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Victor Amity Olivander
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