Apollo Angelos
General Information
Age 17
Home District 1
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Throwing Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearances 198th Hunger Games

Apollo Angelos was the District 1 male from Cloveismywife's 198th Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Belle Silver. Overall, he placed 11th out of 28.


Apollo is usually charming and flirtacious, doing everything to get the attention of the girls. He is also considerate.


Apollo has short blonde hairs with spiky bangs. He has green eyes and a fit body.

Training ScoreEdit

198th Hunger Games: 9





Ella Pearl, Oscar Finnigan, Rose Bolt, Lyndsay Willis, Surf Waves


Killed by: Piper Bridges


Apollo died while him and Rose Bolt were surprise-attacked by Manny Quever, Lyle Gray and Piper Bridges. Piper, who killed Apollo were probably happy he died, since she hated careers. As for Piper's allies, in it unknown whether they were happy he died, or scared that they would attract Rose's attention. Rose didn't grieve over Apollo's death, she acted quickly and killed Lyle. Although Rose wasn't sad, she may have been worried that he died, since he was her last ally.

Apollo had the opportunity to be revived for the Vengeance Games, but didn’t receive enough votes from the Capitol citizens. He was burned to death with the other tributes that hadn’t made the cut to the Vengeance Games.


  • Apollo is the highest placing District One male in the whole series.
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