Bianca Bolt
General Information
Age 12
Home District 3
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Throwing Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearances 199th Hunger Games

Bianca Bolt was the District 3 female from Cloveismywife's 199th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Dimitri Bens. Overall, she placed 2nd out of 28.


Bianca is shy, and pretty smart. Also, Bianca acts cute and lovable, but can be fierce if provoked.


She is tall and has innocent, wide green eyes. She keeps her long reddish blonde hair in a large pony tail.

Training ScoreEdit

199th Hunger Games: 9


During the bloodbath, Bianca ran away with Hutch to the desert.  They later found Yvonne and Barlie out in the desert.  Bianca and Hutch were telling the other two to look out for a coyote muttation.  Barlie was killed by the mutt, and Yvonne was devistated.  Yvonne killed the coyote, and the three of them got back to camp.  They kept seeing a green dot in the distance.  As they ran towards it, they realized that it was an oasis.  As the three ran, a snake but Yvonne's leg, and she died.  They carefully avoided any muttations and got to the oasis.  Bianca sat down for a sip of water, when Hutch tackled her and tried to drown her.  Bianca desperately stabbed at random places she thought Hutch might be.  After a while, he died, and his blood messed up her water source.  She had to drink out of her canteen instead.  Bianca came to the Cornucopia for the final fight.  She stayed low until the final two were there.  It was her versus Whitney from District 8.  As the two began throwing knives at each other, Bianca nearly killed Whitney.  Whitney swallowed instant relief and was instantly healed.  She threw Bianca's body into the Cornucopia and broke her neck.  Bianca placed 2nd.


Barlie Henderson, Dimitri Bens, Yvonne Waves, Hutch Albane, Alva Leege


Hutch Albane


Killed by: Whitney Finch


Bianca's death joyed Whitney, not because she died, but because Whitney became the victor of the Games.  Whitney was the only person left there, so her death wasn't noticed by any other tributes besides Whitney.


  • She and Forsythia Aljisic have a few similarities.  They were both runner-ups, killed by a District 8 victor, and both died because of a snapped neck.
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Victor Whitney Finch
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