Brann Clatch
General Information
Age 16
Home District 6
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword
Fate Deceased
Appearances 201st Hunger Games

Brann Clatch was the District 6 male from Cloveismywife's 201st Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Delta Sparrow. Overall, he placed 24th out of 28.


Brann is very helpful, even if you’re in real trouble and you’re a Career. He doesn’t like seeing people suffer. Also he can be very smart, when he’s in the mood for his smartness. He isn’t humorous and often offends others, because he has never been good in communicating with others. Every 6th day of the month, Brann comes in a kind of trance. His father died on the 6th of August, but every month there is that day where Brann isn’t able to do anything.


Brann has brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. He has many muscles, tall, and has strong legs. He's handsome, but because of his personality, many girls don't like him, when they hang a few days around him.

Training ScoreEdit

201st Hunger Games: 7



Daragon Luzuli, Delta SparrowPatriccia Alfin, Aelita Lyoko, Drake Duncan, & Alexander Dover




Killed by: Starburst Infinity


Brann had the opportunity to be revived for the The Vengeance Games, but the Capitol did not decide to revive him.


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