These are the Victors from Cloveismywife's games.

198th: Sasha Selenta (Tobi99)

199th: Whitney Finch (~PopTart~)

200th: Summer Ashton (FrostSnake), Theodore Welch (~PopTart~), Destiny Carven (Foxfacedfanatic)

201st: Amity Olivander (DrewlovesKuinn)

225th: Hex Servirior (Dedejacob), Jonah Thompson (TheDeadlyOne) Sian Malley (Annamisasa), Lira Roberts (VDA999)

The Vengeance Games: Luke Torres (Ask-Teemo), Maysilee Cresent (FrostSnake), Ana Shadowsinger (Annamisasa), Kelly Sandleaf (~PopTart~).

373rd: Taylor Slicer (AxedFox)

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