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Jonah Thompson
Jonah thompsondcjvl
General Information
Age 16
Home District 8
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives
Fate Alive
Appearances 225th Hunger Games onward

"He seems the least annoying."Arabella Misk on Jonah Thompson during breakfast of the 225th Hunger Games

Jonah Thompson was one of the District 8 males from Cloveismywife's 225th Hunger Games, the 9th Quarter Quell. He was the district partner of Flicks Marvel, Arabella Misk, and Isabel Davids. Overall, he placed 1st out of 56, becoming a victor along with Sian Malley, Hex Servirior and Lira Roberts.


"Jonah (8) saved my life this morning from that traitor Flash (1). I hate the feeling of owing something to someone, but there's nothing I can really do now."Copper Overdeen during the 225th Hunger Games

Jonah has a very sensitive and caring personality. He is also very charming and charismatic. He likes cracking jokes and laughing.


""And the last tribute is," Darla says, taking her hand out of the bowl, "Jonah Thompson!" A boy with black hair jogs to the stage, looking pretty confident."Isabel Davids on Jonah Thompson during the district 8 reaping for the 225th Hunger Games

Jonah has somewhat messy black hair and green eyes. He is very fit, and he has pale white skin. Jonah is 5'11".

Training ScoreEdit

225th Hunger Games: 9


During training, he auditioned to be in the Careers and successfully got in by throwing three knives and axes which all hit the head, chest and groin of the dummy. He was sorted to Arena 2. He killed Nick Lovizio during the bloodbath by throwing a knife to his head. He killed Flash Skylar when he tried to betray the Careers by attempting to kill Copper Overdeen by throwing an axe into his head. He got to the final arena and survived the second bloodbath. He allied with the remaining Arena 2 tributes then allied with Sian Malley and Emily Lunamoon after the Arena 1 tributes assaulted the house the Arena 2 tributes camped in. He helped Sian burn Katrin Calix and Kate McAllister. He allied with Hex Servirior, Lira Roberts, and Sian to kill Emily, Fabio Batone and Maysilee Cresent.


Nick Lovizio, Flash Skylar, Katrin Calix, Kate McAllister


""We want an alliance," Lira (13) says through breaths. I look at Sian (12) and she nods excitedly.

"Sure, who are we going after?" I ask them." ―Jonah Thompson during the 225th Hunger Games

Copper Overdeen, Flash Skylar, Amber Agate, Ezrah Sherd, Jason Clearwater, Kevin Quince, Sian Malley, Emily Lunamoon, Hex Servirior, Lira Roberts


""She's hot!" I hear Jonah say. Sian slaps him."Whitney Finch on Jonah Thompson and Sian Malley during the district 9 reapings for The Vengeance Games

Love Interest: Sian Malley


Sian Malley and Jonah Thompson got married. Jonah moved to District 12 to help Sian with the orphanage that she built with the money from the Games. Sian and her friend Nicole Jacobson were the owners of the orphanage, and it helped any child in District 12 who was poor and did not have any parents.


The 225th Hunger Games
Victors Hex ServiriorJonah ThompsonSian MalleyLira Roberts
Top 8 Fabio BatoneMaysilee CresentEmily LunamoonKate McAllister
Top 16 Katrin CalixMichelle RhodeAmber AgateMadeleine LevenhireCamellia CyrelliaRaden HarvestmoonLucas RaydenDrake Johnson
Top 25 Battleaxe MasonXavier WoodsRowanne TamelaYuna BesaidWatt PowersHoe RitchieAlyss ShepherdTorianno FalsettoCopper Overdeen
Top 35 Isabel DavidsLance ThrustDack LorioEzrah SherdMajono KelsonyAdullius BurshnackAliza MarrMartin MeyersTrever TewieFlash Skylar
Top 45 Bloom WinterlakeJason ClearwaterKevin QuinceNick LovizioFlicks MarvelJane SkyeJamie CarpenterHailey BoltLaea RailNorman Bolt
Top 56 Ashley FretsonGarret HouldyJacob LatineeAntonia ClayLiza KayDagger KaylenAmara AiressSami FreemontAnthony WebbArabella MiskKirk Frelt

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