Lavender Tonic
Lavender tonic2
General Information
Age 17
Home District 9
Gender Demale
Games Information
Weapon Axe, Trident
Fate Deceased
Appearances 201st Hunger Games

"Sorry, but I have to win."Lavender Tonic to Amity Olivander, shortly before her death in the 201st Hunger Games.

Lavender Tonic was the District 9 female from Cloveismywife's 201st Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Teff Levigne. Overall, she placed 2nd out of 28.


Lavender is very rebellious and sarcastic. Ever since her brother died, she has been angry with the world. However, Lavender is very smart, but sometimes she is a tad bit crazy.


Lavender has short, dark purple hair, which is why her parents named her lavender. She always has her signature orange headband. Lavender has bright blue eyes, and a scar on her pale white face.

Training ScoreEdit

201st Hunger Games: 10


After her fight with her escort for insulting her brother, the Capitol already saw her agressive nature. During the bloodbath she startled her ally Detria Glace and they ran away with their supplies. On Day 2, Lavender spotted Patriccia Alfin and shot a dart into her neck. Eventually her ally Detria was killed by Amity Olivander. This made her mad and eventually Lavender injured Pip Pocket, who told Amity to push him off the cliff. She finally fell to her death after she shot a poison dart at Amity, who survived and pushed Lavender off the cliff.


Patriccia Alfin


Detria Glace


Killed by: Amity Olivander


Lavender was the last death in the arena, so her death made Amity Olivander become a victor. Since Lavender wasn't really close to Amity, her death did not affect her emotionally.

Lavender had the opportunity to be revived for the Vengeance Games, but didn’t receive enough votes from the Capitol citizens. She was burned to death with the other tributes that hadn’t made the cut to the Vengeance Games.


  • Lavender is the sister of Tyler Tonic, who died in the 200th Hunger Games.
  • Lavender placed the highest of any District 9 tribute in all of Cloveismywife's Games.
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