Luke Torres
Luke torres
General Information
Age 16
Home Capitol
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword & Spear
Fate Alive
Appearances The Vengeance Games

Luke Torres was the new Capitol male from Cloveismywife's The Vengeance Games. He was the district partner of Emmeline Shayd. Overall, he placed 1st out of 56, becoming a victor along with Maysilee Cresent, Ana Shadowsinger, and Kelly Sandleaf.


Luke is arrogant, he wants to show off his skills to everyone. He thinks he's all that. He is also ignorrant. Though with all that arrogance, he's ruthless. He get angry or mad easily, and vicious at times. He wants to murder all of the tributes and win the games. He'll never try and stop, he's very defiant and doesn't like to do orders. Luke prentends to be a leader, but isn't one himself. Luke also is gay, he has a boyfriend named Brett Edwards, he only feels senstive for him.


He has spiky dark black hair that goes to his right side, its messy and spiky, but he leaves it like that. Luke has flawless peachy skin. He has mysterious, light grey eyes. Luke is also tall, he has a height of 6'0. He also is muscular, he has a six-pack of abs which makes him strong. Luke also has a long neck for scouting out other tributes, and elf-like ears for excellent earing far away.

Training score Edit

The Vengeance Games: 10



Drachma Dornus, Nile Flame


Raden Harvestmoon, Tres Magnetic, Brooklyn Spirit,Lizzie Tyle, Piper Bridges, Ana Shadowsinger, Madeleine Levenhire, Tres Magnetic


Luke married his boyfriend when he got back to the Capitol. They were married happily for a long time, and eventually adopted a little redheaded girl. They named her Piper after Luke's deceased best friend, Piper Bridges. Luke and his husband stay at home, using Luke's victor money, and take care of Piper so they can give her the best life possible.


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