Manny Quever
Manny quever
General Information
Age 12
Home District 13
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearances 198th Hunger Games

Manny Quever was the District 13 male from Cloveismywife's 198th Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Piper Bridges. Overall, he placed 6th out of 28.



Training ScoreEdit

198th Hunger Games:




Caitlyn Levenhire


Killed By: Maizi Rhode


Manny killed Caitlyn Levenhire, which inraged her ally, Maizi Rhode. Maizi Rhode stabbed him in the heart with an arrow, and was happy when he died, as that meant she had avenged her ally. Manny's ally, Piper Bridges was inraged by this, and chased after Maizi to avenge Manny. As for Manny himself, some could assume that he actually wanted to die after he killed Caitlyn, because he actually began to cry as he looked at her lifeless body, which may mean that he regretted killing Caitlyn in the first place.

Manny had the opportunity to be revived for the Vengeance Games, but didn’t receive enough votes from the Capitol citizens. He was burned to death with the other tributes that hadn’t made the cut to the Vengeance Games.


The 198th Hunger Games
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