Navy Wonders
Navy wonders
General Information
Age 16
Home District 1
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sword, Spear
Fate Deceased
Appearances 200th Hunger Games

Navy Wonders was one of the District 1 males from Cloveismywife's 200th Hunger Games, the 8th Quarter Quell. He was the district partner of Callam Delaney, Shimmer Starred and Summer Ashton. Overall, he placed 31st out of 56.


Navy is confident but caring. He can lose him temper, and then it isn't good. Navy also has a kind loving side that may be hard to find/get out of him.


Navy is stocky, and is 6"2. He has green eyes, perfect teeth, short black styled hair. Navy is also described as attractive and is very muscular.

Training ScoreEdit

200th Hunger Games: 10


In the reaping battle, he hit Shimmer Starred on the head 3 times with the diamond, killing her. In the bloodbath, he acquired a sword and killed Ricardo Fredrick with it. The next morning, Tracy Volt and Hugo Jenston left. Then later that morning, Katy Belle poisoned the careers supplies, killing Demetria Callitor and Mistalia Caliden. Navy immediately blamed Callam, and threw his sword into his stomach. Summer was extremely angry and rushed over to Callam's side and he made her promise to kill Navy, and when he died she stabbed him in the chest.


Summer Ashton, Callam Delaney, Demetria Callitor, Tracy Volt, Louis Welder, Hugo Jenston, Katy Belle, Mistalia Caliden, Mickey McAllister


Ricardo Fredrick, Shimmer Starred, Callam Delaney


Killed by: Summer Ashton

Love Interest: Summer Ashton


After Navy died, Summer and Lou were the only remaining careers and they left the cornucopia together. Summer must have been happy because she fulfilled her promise to Callam, and Navy had killed her true love who was Callam. He was probably considered a threat so the other tributes were both happy and disturbed by his death because of the amount of careers that died.


  • He killed 2 out of 3 of his district partners.
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