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Rose Bolt
Rose bolt
General Information
Age 18
Home District 2
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Throwing Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearances 198th Hunger Games

"That girl was scary and I knew she could kill me"Jake McFur on Rose Bolt during group training of the 198th Hunger Games

Rose Bolt was the District 2 female from Cloveismywife's 198th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Recilius Iffable. Overall, she placed 2nd out of 28.


"She came up to me with a knife and held it to my throat, "you will be my next kill." she said and walked away"Rose Bolt encountering Jake McFur during training of the 198th Hunger Games

Rose is very mean and sarcastic. She is ruthless and will kill anyone standing in her way. She doesn't censor her thoughts and feelings, even if she knows they will hurt others. She never feels mercy for her victims and doesn't seem to mind if people don't like her. She enjoys taking revenge. She is quite sly too.


"She was pretty, but I didn't think she could win"Recilius Iffable on Rose Bolt during the reapings of the 198th Hunger Games

Rose has long brown hair, and shining green eyes. She stand 5'6, an avarage height for her age.

Training scoreEdit

198th Hunger Games: 10



"Rose reminded me of Clove from Katniss Everdeen's games"Oscar Finnigan on Rose Bolt during the 199th Hunger Games

Caleb Stoll, Malar SymanLyle Gray


"I just wish they didn't let Ella, Oscar and Aria in. They suck and they piss me off." I smiled. I was thinking the exact same thing."Rose Bolt and Recilius Iffable on their allies

Apollo Angelos, Surf Waves, Lyndsay Willis, Oscar FinniganElla Pearl


Killed by: Sasha Selenta

Nemesis: Jake McFur


Rose was very brutally killed by Sasha Selenta, but Sasha did not mind because her death meant Sasha's victory. Also, Rose was not really the most liked tribute in the games, so it was not hard for Sasha to kill her.

Rose had the opportunity to be revived for the Vengeance Games, but didn’t receive enough votes from the Capitol citizens. She was burned to death with the other tributes that hadn’t made the cut to the Vengeance Games.


  • Rose had the most kills of the Career tributes.
  • Rose and her sister, Bianca Bolt, both placed 2nd in their games.
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