Suzi Cale
General Information
Age 13
Home District 6
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Deceased
Appearances 199th Hunger Games

Suzi Cale is the District 6 female from Cloveismywife's 199th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Don Wertyos. Overall, she placed 6th out of 28.


After being left to fend for herself she has become self less, and can fend for herself. She is humble and a little shy.


Suzi has pale skin with freckles. Her hair is brown and usually is bunched up. She has sparkling, sweet green eyes.

Training ScoreEdit

199th Hunger Games: 8


At the bloodbath, Suzi ran off with Don and Whitney to the desert, trying to flee from the Cornucopia as fast as possible.  Once they got to the desert, the three set up a camp.  They were confronted with Tyson Ash, a former ally, who killed Don.  As he was about to kill Whitney, Suzi put a knife in his back.  The next few days weren't too eventful for Suzi and Whitney.  Whitney had a plan to kill the two remaining male tributes inside the igloo.  Suzi came with her, and made a small hole in the top of the igloo.  She watched as Whitney lit the matched and dropped it in, causing the igloo housing Gabriel DiPablo and Michael Scarn to burn in flames.  Gabriel made it out, but Michael wasn't so lucky.  As Whitney and Suzi ran back to their camp, Natasha slammed a knife into Suzi's neck.


Jayce Finbarr, Rania Key, Don Wertyos, Tyson Ash, Lacey Baggs, Whitney Finch


Tyson Ash


Killed by: Natasha Grey


Suzi's death saddened Whitney, but Whitney didn't have time to mourn her death, as Natasha could kill her too if she stayed.


  • With the exception of Sasha Selenta, Suzi was the highest placing female from District 6.
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