Taylor Slicer
Taylor slicer
General Information
Age 17
Home District 1
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Bow and Arrow, Hammer
Fate Alive
Appearances 373rd Hunger Games
Taylor Slicer was the District 1 female from Cloveismywife's 373rd Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Tazer Williams. Overall, she placed 1st out of 28, becoming a victor.


""Izzy! Wait!" Taylor yells, chasing after me. It's crazy how Taylor is a bitch to people she doesn't like, and sweet to people she does. I turn around and she stops in front of me."Izzy Wilds on Taylor Slicer

Taylor is a cold-hearted bitch. Ever since watching her first ever games, she has turned into a malicious demon. Most of the time she is rude and pernicious, but she is very nice to the ones she loves. Taylor is also very impatient, and if someone insults her during the games, she will gurantee they won't survive the night.


She has a long blonde hair, which falls on two jet braids on the front. Her eyes are light blue and she has a nice body.

Training ScoreEdit

373rd Hunger Games: 11



Paige Matthews, Scotio Wire, Daniel Tunde, Victoria Jones , Scarlet Pimpernel , Camellia Winchester


Victoria JonesStrike Flow, Tazer WilliamsIzzy WildsTitan Mage, Axel Evergreen, Varina Tapora


Friend: Izzy Wilds


The Hunger Games did not change Taylor. She was still a cold-hearted, evil girl. She was an excellent mentor and helped many District 1 tributes become victors. Taylor eventually married one ot the tributes she mentored, named Lucas. He was the complete opposite of her but they somehow fell in love. The two of them never had children though because they didn't want to put pressure on their children to win, as both of their parents would have been victors. She was always remembered as one of the most ruthless tributes to compete in the Hunger Games.


  • Taylor is the only known tribute participating in CIMW's games that uses a hammer as a weapon.
  • Taylor is the second District 1 female to win, the first being Summer Ashton.
373rd Hunger Games
Victor Taylor Slicer
Top 5 Camellia WinchesterIzzy WildsScarlet PimpernelPaula Twoson
Top 12 Felix ShelsherWind SettleVictoria JonesAramid CruisebeamAxel EvergreenVarina TaporaSora Highkick
Top 20 Candice VellumTara MayBrick HeinTazer WilliamsDaniel TundeStrike FlowFinn AllstrokeMegan Land
Top 28 Titan MageRyan HaleToby WilliamsonHarrison SouthstoneCaellach LevenhireSyrina LacterusScotio WirePaige Matthews

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