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Whitney Finch
General Information
Age 17
Home District 8
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Knife
Fate Alive
Appearances 199th Hunger Games onward

"I am not proud of what I did, but I'm happy to have won."Whitney Finch during her post-games interview of the 199th Hunger Games

Whitney Finch was the District 8 female from Cloveismywife's 199th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Navy Io. Overall, she placed 1st out of 28, becoming a victor.


Whitney normally tries to keep calm, and is very nice and kind. She tries not to stand out too much, but will if someone close to her could get hurt. She is faithful to her allies, and can be a bit high-maintenance.


Whitney's hair is a color between red and blond. It's curly and reaces her upper back. She has small green eyes, and freckles. She is rather tall, at 5' 9" and is thin too. She has pale skin.

Training ScoreEdit

199th Hunger Games: 8


Whitney had a good-sized alliance of seven people. It included the tributes from 5, 6, 7, and her. She ran off with Suzi Cale and Don Wertyos from 6, and made camp in the desert. It turned out that Jayce Finbarr and Rania Key from 5 had died, and the same with Lacey Baggs from 7. The next day, Tyson Ash, their missing alliance member, found them. He acted as if they had betrayed him. He killed Don with his axe, and just before he was about to kill Whitney, Suzi killed him. The two of them were the only ones remaining. After a while, Whitney received some matches, and ran over to the snowy side. She dropped one into the igloo that Michael Scarn and Gabriel DiPablo were staying in. It collapsed on Michael, but Gabe escaped. On their way back, Natasha killed Suzi, but Whitney kept running. She ran into Claudia Gerhart from District 9. Just as Claudia was about to kill her, Whitney killed Claudia my sticking a knife into her chest. On the last day, the four remaining tributes were called to the Cornucopia. Gabe DiPablo from 12, Natasha Grey from 12, Bianca Bolt from 3, and Whitney. Natasha killed Gabe right off the bat, and Whitney killed Natasha. Bianca began hacking away at Whitney, and she was almost dead. Whitney swallowed some instant relief, and was immediately cured. She grabbed Bianca's body and slammed her into the Cornucopia. Whitney became the victor of the 199th Hunger Games.


Michael Scarn, Claudia Gerhart, Natasha Grey, Bianca Bolt


Jayce Finbarr, Rania Key, Don Wertyos, Suzi Cale, Tyson Ash, Lacey Baggs


Whitney went to mentor tributes from District 8. She's done very well, as they've received many victors since then, including Theodore Welch, Jonah Thompson and Ana Shadowsinger. In The Vengeance Games, she mentored the tributes from 3 and 8.


  • Whitney is the tallest female in her games.
  • Whitney is the first of three victors from District 8.
  • Whitney killed both District 9 tributes.
  • Whitney had the most kills of any other tribute from her Games.
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Victor Whitney Finch
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